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A community of like-minded voyagers

Guest is a private travel club connecting a community of discerning voyagers and hosts with each other, the world's most distinctive properties, and unique experiences. Every facet of Guest's emotionally evocative homes and bespoke itineraries reflects the eccentricities and values of their members. Each home and experience has been designed to leave a unique impression, offering the most enriching escape a location affords, with insightful service making each stay seamless and unforgettable. Their private portfolio of homes and experiences is available to Guest Members as a source of inspiration, as no two trips are quite the same.

Guest Members are global citizens who share a passion for exploring the world and utilizing their concerted influence towards environmental, economic, and social impact. Inherently, philanthropy is woven into the fabric of the Guest community. Through their "Travel Meets Purpose" initiative, Guest Members share personal Causes and pledge to donate a part of their travel expenses and hosting revenue. Alongside this, Guest demonstrates philanthropy in practice by giving back up to 25% of their own revenues to local and global non-profit organizations making a difference in the world.

Through Discovery, Flow, Integrity, Responsibility, Transformation and Fun, Guest is redefining quality, luxury and purpose-filled travel.