Helicopter Horizons

Helicopter Horizons Soars Over the Okavango Delta

Experience the elusive wilderness of Botswana’s Okavango Delta by air with the bespoke services of Helicopter Horizons. With a home base in Maun, Helicopter Horizons offers its passengers the unique opportunity to view the Okavango Delta from above, where the immensity of its size will overwhelm and astound. With scenic flights and tours, as well as convenient transfers within the region, Helicopter Horizons provides the finest charter service in Botswana. Operating two states of the art aircraft, Helicopter Tours offers a Bell 206 JetRanger and a Robinson R44 Raven II, each accommodates 3 to 4 passengers. The JetRanger is an ideal choice for passengers who wish to undertake a photographic safari, as the ride is exceptionally smooth. This craft is also the optimum choice for transfer as it reaches a relatively high cruising speed for maximum convenience. The Robinson is effortlessly maneuverable, enabling it to offer exciting rides over the African bush.

The Okavango Delta represents a true microcosm of the undisturbed African ecosystem. As the Okavango River flows leisurely into the Delta, water levels rise and fall rapidly thanks to the extreme heat of the area. During the flood months of the summer, the Delta becomes engorged with an overabundance of standing water. While this increased water supply creates difficulties when trying to traverse the land by foot or vehicle, it serves as an important water source for the thousands of animals that call the Okavango Delta home. The scenic flights presented by Helicopter Horizons provide impressive views and bespoke tours of the areas of the Delta that are normally inaccessible. Encounter the flora and fauna of the African wilderness from your seat, with unobstructed panoramic views that will take your breath away. Each of the Helicopter Horizons pilots is incredibly knowledgeable in the areas of wildlife and photography, making them invaluable guides on your journey.

Whether you are looking for an intense African safari experience, or simply a lift between the local destinations, Helicopter Horizons will provide unforgettable services and thrilling chances for wildlife viewing.


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