Helicopters Cambodia

A bird’s eye view of Cambodia with Helicopters Cambodia

Helicopters Cambodia offers elite travellers the foremost tours of the Cambodian countryside.  As the longest-running helicopter charter and tour operator in the region, Helicopters Cambodia has earned a well-respected reputation for safety and success. Providing exhilarating flights through the scenic villages and long lost temple cities, travellers will become enchanted by the extreme beauty of this remote and exotic land.

Offering 6 varied scenic flight options, Helicopters Cambodia will take a maximum of 5 passengers on the ride of their life over the stunning landscapes of the area. The Beauty Flight, an 8-minute excursion for those in a hurry, travels from the Siem Reap International Airport to the breathtaking Angkor Wat Temple. The Royal and Amazing Flights offer views of Angkor Wat, as well as the nearby temples of Sras Srang, Eastern Mebong, and Pre Rup. A final stretch through the floating village ends each journey.

The Grand and Adventure Flights offer 30 and 36 minutes of amazing flight time, respectively. Through each, the temple of Angkor Wat is explored, and then either the nearby temples and monasteries or the holy mountains of the Kulen Range and the Banteay Srei Citadel for women. For the utmost in luxury tour experience, guests will choose to take the Golden scenic flight. This 48-minute excursion travels all of the areas and visits all of the temples of the shorter trips. In addition to all of the mesmerizing places on the itinerary, the hilltop temple of Phnom Krom is a religious masterpiece that few travellers ever have the chance to witness.


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