Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp – Eight rooms in a lunar landscape

Opened in August 2014 and only accessible by light aircraft, Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is located close to Namibia’s Skeleton Coast and straddles between both the Skeleton Coast National Park and the Palmwag region. Surrounded by barren mountains, gravel plains, and large yellow sand dunes it may give the appearance of being a lunar landscape and is almost as remote. This unusual yet stunning scenery surprisingly holds a wide and diverse range of wildlife that eek their existence from this fragile eco-system. The camp itself consists of eight rooms, all with en-suite rooms and covered lounge areas, plus communal dining room, library, bar and plunge pool.

With an area of 8 million exclusive acres available for Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp guests to explore, the use of 4WD to take excursions in is certainly a good option and by driving these you can visit places like Klien Oase or Auses Spring where an oasis of water have seemingly popped up from the otherwise sandy terrain to provide a watering hole for a wide diversity of animals. On these trips, it is usual to have a guide and also stop for a picnic in one of the particularly more beautiful spots along the way. Alternatively, you can have your guide direct you along the Hoanib River bed where, among the alternating gravel plains and rugged canyons, flamingo, elephants, onyx, springbok, and gazelles can often be seen. Those guests that stay at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp for three days or more will be able to book a flight over the notorious Skeleton Coast where they will be able to see the true remoteness of the area, along with several shipwrecks that intermittently litter the coastline. This scenic and very memorable flight could include stopping off at Möwe Bay where you can observe a nearby seal colony.


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