Hochleger, relaxing in a cosy environment

Pine, larch and fir woods cover the floors and walls of the cozy chalets at HochLeger. All natural materials are used to create the relaxing and welcoming environment of this resort. The kitchens are built by hand in a traditional manner, finished with stunning stone countertops. The mountains become like home for guests who stay at HochLeger.

They have three different styles of chalets, each with its own color scheme and unique decoration. Yet all of them have the feel of luxury and comfort that HochLeger is known for.

The Hunter’s Chalet

Two floors of a hunting cabin, decorated in natural greens and browns and accented with prizes from HochLeger’s own hunting grounds, this suite creates a cozy feel of home and nostalgia. It can host anywhere from 4-8 people and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The ground floor has a coatrack in the entryway, a fully equipped kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. There is a food pantry that is stocked when the guests arrive, and the bathroom is ready with natural beauty products such as lotion, shower gel and soap.

The upper floor has an additional bedroom and bathroom, and a spacious living area. There are two additional sleeping areas under the roof. The upstairs is romantic, with its balcony view of the mountains and an open tub and champagne table.

The Romantic Chalet

The name says it all for this suite, decked out in pinks, beige and reds. It’s a cozy place for guests at HochLeger to stay, with a bedroom with two single beds downstairs and a master bedroom upstairs. 2-4 people can stay in this suite.

The lower level has coatrack in the entryway, a bedroom and bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen. The food pantry is stocked when guests arrive, and there is also a wine rack in the kitchen. Wines from Austria and around the world await guests who come for a romantic stay in the mountains.

Outside, there is a large, panoramic terrace, providing views of all angles of the mountains.

The upper level has a master bedroom with an open fireplace. The fireplace can also be enjoyed from the living room, where there is a sofa and an open bathtub. There is a separate half bathroom in the corner.

A beautiful view of the mountains can be enjoyed outside from the balcony.

The Sports Chalet

Traveling with a large group? The Sports Chalet at Hochleger can fit up to 10 people. The reds and blues color the multiple levels of fun in the Sports Chalet, complete with a solid oak table for playing games.

The ground floor has a coatrack in the entrance, a fully equipped kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The next level has a master bedroom and a smaller bedroom, two bathrooms and a living area. Two additional beds can be found under the roof gable.

The pantry in the kitchen can be stocked upon arrival, and there is also a wine rack in the kitchen. There is an open-air bathtub and champagne table on the upper level.


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