Hotel Aurelio Lech

Hotel Aurelio, a golden house in the soaring Alps of Tyrol

The Alps are perhaps the most beautiful and accessible mountains in the world. Set in the heart of the European continent, they are gloriously scenic and peaceful, and in the centre of the Tyrolean Alps, in the little skiing village of Lech, stands the finest Alpine luxury hotel in Austria, the Aurelio Lech. Austria has a long stretch of lands and the Arlberg region, which reaches from Salzburg to Switzerland, is home to the town of Lech. This quaint city awaits skiers in the winter and hikers clad in lederhosen during the summer. The Hotel is a true four-star luxury affairs, a warm and thrilling lodge near the centre of the village.

The Aurelio Hotel Lech is comprised of two four-storey houses of golden woods, with two suites and eight rooms each, and a wonderful two-storey clubhouse with a chalet at the end of the estate, where there are two suites and six rooms available. The Hotel is dedicated to providing its clientele with bespoke service throughout the year, and this means that adventurers should be aware of the weather when they arrive. Schedules change dramatically depending on whether you arrive for winter or summer visits. If you have come for winter sports, the staff can provide guides to the slopes that suit your level of experience, and arrange for tutoring if need be. In the summertime, there are horseback rides that can be arranged, as well as bespoken flights in helicopters over the nearby mountains.

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