Hôtel Locarno


Hôtel Locarno is Rome's most storied hotel and a rare city hideaway

Hôtel Locarno is a hidden gem in the heart of Rome, just off Piazza del Popolo, with 49 guest rooms including historic suites. If walls could talk, ours would have more than one century of intriguing tales to tell. Through the years the Hotel has been the setting for movies, theatrical performances, book launches and a source of inspiration for writers and artists. Lovingly restored, the owner’s vision was to renovate the hotel, bringing back to life the spirit of the '20s années folles.

With staff as charming as the décor to anticipate your needs, and every convenience for today’s traveller, Hôtel Locarno provides the feeling of a refined guesthouse. To complete the experience, Hôtel Locarno coined the formula of an "anytime-anywhere" culinary programme, giving access to reserve a table from early morning to late night, in every possible scenic spot throughout the property. On the panoramic Terrazza Locarno, in the secret garden or the indoor dining rooms of Bar Locarno, world-renowned for its retro atmosphere and creative mixology, a 1960’s Roman hotspot where Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masina, Jack Kerouac and Gregory Corso, Alberto Moravia and Elsa Morante, were among the habitués. Indeed, Hôtel Locarno still inspires today!