Hud Hud Travels

Taking the Road Less Travelled with Hud Hud Travels

This is an escapade that is beyond the ordinary. Imagine being in the middle of the desert, sleeping under canvas and revelling in the sublime wilderness of Oman. This is not a survival camp – this is a luxury retreat, all made possible by Hud Hud Travels, Oman’s leading provider of luxury camps, expeditions and events. Hud Hud Travels specialise in desert camps that are truly outstanding. You will be able to foray into Oman’s unspoiled nature and lavish landscapes, and relish in the serenity of the wilderness. Be captivated by the rugged beauty of vast Omani desert plains, the craggy mountains, and the serene seas. You can choose to camp either down on the sands, or up in the mountains.

Lounge under authentic handmade Bedouin tents, and take in the views. Camps are set up in a traditional Arabian style, and with supreme comfort in mind. The tents come with large beds and mattresses and luxurious bedding and is accompanied by rugs, throws, plush pillows and beautiful furnishings. Hud Hud Travel believes in environmental responsibility so they eschew electric lighting, preferring warm and cosy light from candles, lamps and fires. There will also be an opportunity to take a gander around the Sharqiya Region, which is rich in forts, castles and ancient tombs. And while you are there, do not miss watching the camel races.

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