Iconoclast Hotels & Travel

globAL – representation MASTER

Iconoclast Hotels & Travel guides sophisticated boutique hotels and travel companies to the spotlight they deserve

Iconoclast Hotels & Travel is a business development company that supports free-spirited and lifestyle-minded hoteliers and DMCs with its sales strategy, worldwide representation, and consultancy services.

Founded by Matilde Haour Ayala in 2022, Iconoclast Hotels & Travel benefits from her contagious energy, extensive knowledge of high-end hospitality, and the la crème de la crème network of travel leaders worldwide.

A company with headquarters in Lisbon (PT), Abu Dhabi (UAE), or Lyon (FR), that promotes and spreads the love of its collection around the globe and helps its clients achieve the recognition they truly deserve.

They believe in disruptive luxury travel, quality over quantity, and meaningful long-lasting connections where businesses can grow strategically, exponentially, consistently, and consciously.

Their carefully curated collection showcases fantastic storytelling, a sense of place, a conscious approach, and genuine quality service.