Imago Artis

Discover the unexpected in Italy with Imago Artis

Imago Artis Travel is a leading Destination Management Company which designs authentic and unique experiences always following the highest luxury standards, relying on knowledgeable and professional guides, a top-quality car fleet, and offering smart and quick customer service.

Founded in 2007 by three art historians – Fulvio, Alessia, and Chiara – Imago Artis operates all over Italy, providing all kinds of services to 5-star clients, from luxury transfers and Meet& Greet to insider accesses and exclusive experiences, from top-level cooking classes and VIP entrances to tours in helicopters, yachts, private jets and so on.

Thanks to strong partnerships and strategic connections on the whole Italian territory, this DMC can also efficiently book hotels and villas with special, appealing rates. In addition, Imago Artis also has an office dedicated to Event Organization, that is able to coordinate and take care of every single detail of MICE events – from the location to the experiences and the meals, too.

Deeply passionate about Italian heritage and traditions, Imago Artis always seeks the unexpected, authentic and unique touch for its uncountable experiences – explosive creativity lies behind everything that is customized for travelers.

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