Indochina Strings


Indochina Strings, a perfect harmony of passion and knowledge throughout Southeast Asia

Established in Manila as a boutique destination management company in 2011, Indochina Strings rapidly developed into one of the leading destination specialists for the beautiful Philippines.

After having built a firm foundation and following a clear vision based on providing most memorable as well as truly unique experiences throughout the region, Indochina Strings successfully spread its wings across Southeast Asia to cover Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. It did not take long for Hong Kong, China, Australia and Japan to follow suit.

Indochina String’s team consists of knowledgeable destination experts who continue to nurture their connections with the various, trusted suppliers across the region on a daily basis. Above and beyond, it is their individual passion for travel as well as their intimate knowledge of each destination that the Indochina Strings team is best known for.

Always at the forefront of personalisation, bespoke itineraries are designed to reflect the wishes and expectations of each individual client whilst the latest technologies guarantee a seamless, most memorable experience for its guests.

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