Istria Discovery


Istria Discovery, your guides to the best that Croatia has to offer

Croatia's best-kept secret is the Istrian peninsula - from its stunning coastline to the rich heartlands. Istria offers discerning travellers the opportunity to experience a bespoke itinerary tailored to their tastes. With Istria Discovery’s team of specialists and best-of-the-best local contacts, your stay promises to be multi-dimensional and unforgettable. The company offers a window into the hidden side of Istria the average holiday-goer is unlikely to find, thanks to their own stringent standards and high expectations. Istria Discovery loves what Istria has to offer, and their goal is to share it with travellers.

With both Istria Nuova and Discovery Istria taking a full-year view of the opportunities that the peninsula has to offer, they are confident that there is something for everyone, for every season. The company appreciates that high-calibre guests expect the very best, and they are proud to show this. Their love of the region and their own experiences ensure they will proudly provide guests a taste of authentic Istria - at the highest level.