Italy Travel Mood


Mix and match your Mood and experience Italy off the beaten path

Italy Travel Mood is a DMC crafting bespoke itineraries and authentic experiences in Italy. Focused on creating tailor-made programmes, handling the planning of each and every detail to match guests’ needs and personality.

From finest sandy beaches to majestic snowy mountains, without forgetting cosmopolitan cities and medieval unknown villages; Italy Travel Mood has expertise on the Italian Peninsula and beyond.

“Colour outside the lines” is the motto of the company: every itinerary is planned differently, using the imagination of the travel designers and the end client always in mind with the aim of making every traveller fall in love with Italy even more. How do they do that? Offering first class services and experiences thanks to the support of long-standing network of trusted providers.

The company was created by people with very different skills set, but with the common passion for “La Bella Italia” and that’s what makes Italy Travel Mood so unique. Striving for perfection - always planning to delight and surprise travellers. Italy Travel Mood satisfies desires and their mission is not only to fulfil it, but to anticipate any other needs travellers may have. Experience a slice of unexpected Italy.