Italy with Class


Italy with Class embodies the pinnacle of elite Italian travel management, providing tailor-made experiences for first-time and veteran visitors alike

Based in Rome, this Italian DMC promotes unparalleled B2B tours, itineraries and services all across Italy—blending exclusivity with authenticity; luxury with local. Its close-knit team of travel experts has forged close collaborations with specialists and institutions the length and breadth of the Bel Paese: from luxury hoteliers on the seldom visited islands of Ponza and Pantelleria to wine and cheese producers in the increasingly popular but unspoiled regions of Puglia and Piedmont. For one of its most exciting new experiences, and in partnership with the Vatican Museums, Italy with Class has opened a cooking school on the Pope's farm in Castel Gandolfo, where clients can recreate recipes refined over generations using organic ingredients enjoyed by the Pope himself.

Italy with Class caters to all your clients' needs, tailoring the way they travel to best accommodate them. As well as organizing all manners of transfers, transport, and accommodation, it specializes in seeking out unexplored artisanal traditions, crafting unique gourmet culinary experiences, and—with a connoisseur’s appreciation for excellence—creating special cultural itineraries characterized by unforgettable moments. Whether that means sampling the Barolo and Barbaresco vintages of Piedmont in the comfort of an exquisite rural retreat, cruising the cerulean waters around Capri in a private yacht, or even truffle hunting among the lush Tuscan Hills, Italy with Class’ expertise holds the key to transforming your clients' travel dreams into reality.

Italy with Class has recently expanded to Florence and Sicily. The company has been providing travellers with tailor-made luxury experiences all around Italy. Apart from Rome, Venice and the Amalfi Coast, the company received a large number of requests from travellers who wanted to discover the regions of Tuscany and Sicily. They therefore decided to open offices in these two regions in order to be able to better manage the services provided to travellers and stay true to the promise of supporting them with all their needs throughout their journey.

Expanding to Florence and Sicily has also allowed the opportunity to work more closely with local businesses. This is extremely important since Italy with Class believes in sustainable tourism that supports the local economy while also offering unique and authentic experiences that gives travellers a deeper understanding of Italy’s beautiful culture.

The tours on offer in Tuscany and in Sicily not only helps travellers discover the famous art and architecture of these regions, but also allows them intimate cultural experiences. These include indulging in the local artisan traditions that have lasted for centuries, farm visits to experience the beauty and simplicity of local life, travelling around the less-known but equally exquisite island of Pantelleria, and many more. Those initiatives have been a success since they have received an increasing number of requests from travellers who want to discover Italy in the most authentic way possible.