Jabali Ridge

Discover the beauty of the Ruaha National Park from your exclusive 5-star lodge

Punctuated by towering baobab trees and populated by large pride of lions, the Ruaha National Park in south-western Tanzania is one of the most under-explored safari destinations in East Africa. Although the park covers an area the size of New Jersey, it receives only a handful of visitors each year, giving those that make the journey the sense they have the African bush all to themselves.

Perched on a rise and concealed by large boulders, the intimate Jabali Ridge Lodge is easily the most sophisticated accommodation in Ruaha. Designed and built in a natural, earthy style that blends into the landscape, the eight suites are angled to make the most of the views and the soft, understated tones inside reflect the golden grasslands beyond.

The camp’s location close to the Mwagusi River ensures one is never far from the game action, and after an exciting day of wildlife encounters, one finds the perfect antidote in the form of a serene infinity pool and breezy spa.


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