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5 Amazing Wine Hotels

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Titillate your taste buds with the finest wines, right in the heart of the place where the grapes have been harvested, pressed and bottled. Enjoy the serenity of the wine country, and feast on impeccably made dishes that pair with the wines of the region. Relax in absolute comfort, indulge in treats for all your senses and feel renewed from within. Immerse yourself in the local history and culture and explore the natural beauty of the landscape. Here are five amazing wine hotels for the wine lover in you.

Castello Banfi Il Borgo - Italy - View

Castello Banfi Il Borgo (Italy)


 Castello Banfi Il Borgo is located in the rich Tuscan countryside, a hotel that has been created within an ancient stone fortress that dates from the 1700s. Its location is dboscoelightfully strategic – just over 12 miles from the town of Brunello, and 44 miles from Siena, and close to the marvellous Tuscan seaside. Peaceful and calm, it is the antidote for all of life’s cares and worries.

A Love for All Things Wine

Surrounded by vineyards, Castello Banfi produces excellent wines made from grapes matured in the Tuscan sun and Montalcino soil. The family that runs it keeps the tradition alive, and the winery is the heart of Castello Banfi. The cellars hold prestigious wines made with years of knowledge, research and deep passion. Explore the world of wines and wine-making as you enter the doors of the cellars.

Live Within the Walls of History

Castello Banfi is redolent with history and ancient architecture. Located within the medieval stone hamlet of the castle Castello di Poggio alle Mura, the hotel is uniquely like no other. The exterior is well-preserved medieval Tuscan architecture, but within it lays modern amenities and comforts. Exclusive and private, Castello Banfi boasts 9 rooms and 5 suites, all luxurious, tastefully designed and decorated. Relax in well-manicured gardens, soak in the tranquillity and relish in the renowned Tuscan hospitality.

Fine wines go with great food. At Castello Banfi, one can savour authentic Tuscan cuisine at the hotel’s two distinguished restaurants, La Taverna and Sala dei Grappoli. Made with the freshest local ingredients, diners can expect a harmonious blend of creativity, tradition and authenticity.

Delve into history at the Museum of Bottle and Glass, and learn about glass production from as far back as 5 BC. There is an array of ancient Roman glassware, equipment from 1857, vases and carafes from the 4th and 5th century. Or peruse L’Enoteca, a shop that features the finest wines produced by Castello Banfi, alongside artisanal crafts and local produce like extra virgin olive oil, sheep’s cheese and prosciutto.

For lovers of fine things, a stay at Castello Banfi will be an unforgettable one where one can take in delectable wines, delicious fare and revel in the exquisite accommodation.

Coquillade Village - France - Hotel

Coquillade Village (France)


Soak in the charm and whimsy of the French countryside at Coquillade Village. Situated in Provence, it is surrounded by vineyards and a sense of peace. A 5-star luxury hotel, one can expect impeccable service, luxurious accommodation, exquisite dining and an all-round experience that is unforgettable.

The French Charm

Coquillade Village has something for everyone – guest rooms for families and couples, spa suites and villas. All cosy, private and exclusive, with interiors furnished with quality fabrics and luxurious embellishments. The rooms feature exposed brick walls, wood features and neutral colours and complete with modern amenities. The spa suites are perfect for winding down and rejuvenation. Each suite features a contemporary hammam or sauna for two – a place to soak in absolute luxury, to revive the heart and soul.

For utter privacy there the Bastide, a luxury villa situated about 10km away from Coquillade Village. It offers luxurious accommodation in a homely setting, with cleaning services, and options such as a private chef and breakfast service. It is spacious, with a kitchen, an air-conditioned wine cellar and a cosy lounge area. The villa has 6 suites, all decked with modern amenities and furnished in mute, restrained tones. Take a dip in the large heated outdoor pool or relax in the hammam. Bicycles are available for guests to explore the countryside on two wheels. The villa is surrounded by the lush natural beauty of Provence.

Savour the Fruit of the Vineyard

You can’t go to France and not drink her wine. Coquillade Village features a vineyard – Aureto Vineyard is nestled on a hillside, in the Regional Natural Park in Luberon. The winery is also within the estate, and produces exquisite wines, from rosés, whites and reds to vintage. Guests can embark on a wine tour and visit the vineyard and winery, and taste the fruit of Provence’s soil in a wine glass. Also available are tasting workshops to refine one’s tastes and deepen one’s appreciation.

Coquillard Village features 3 restaurants, one of which, Le Gourmet, boasts 1 Michelin star. With innovative techniques and the best produce the region has to offer, guests can enjoy a sumptuous gastronomic experience (with Aureto wines, of course). There is also a bar where one can kick back and sip on cocktails – the perfect way to begin an evening of fine wining and dining.

Entre Cielos

Entre Cielos Wine Hotel & Spa (Argentina)


Entre Cielos is a sanctuary. Located at the foothills of the stunning Andes, it is surrounded by vineyards that produce the world’s finest Malbec wines. Entre Cielos is a luxury hotel that combines the enjoyment of wine with exclusive accommodation and the luxury of a spa.

 ‘Viviendo la Vida’ – Enjoying Life through All the Senses

It is all about the holistic experience at Entre Cielos – ‘each sense must be stimulated to fully relax and recharge the body and soul’. The hotel has been seamlessly integrated into the Argentinean landscape, and embraces her surroundings. There are a myriad of rooms for every need and taste. For sheer opulence, there is the Grand Master Suite, splashed in bold colours and complete with a private outdoor jacuzzi, a rainforest shower and a terrace by the vineyard. Or for a classic take, there are the suites designed with contemporary accents and calm, neutral colours and fitted with modern amenities. For the young and vibrant set, there is the Young Suite – vivacious, sprightly and bright.

But if you want an experience that is far above the rest, there is the Vineyard Loft – a room that is right in the middle of the vineyard, and suspended by stilts. With a bathtub on the terrace and a window on the roof, you will be treated with stunning views from within the estate.

A Retreat for the Soul

One of the highlights of Entre Cielos is the wine treatments. As part of the rejuvenation process, there is a spa and hammam for guests to indulge in, and there is a selection of wine-based spas to choose from. Harnessing all the goodness of the vine, the treatments include full body wraps with grape extract, wine baths, and oil massages.

A Wine Tradition

Entre Cielos has a wine tradition that dates back more than 80 years and is located in one of the largest wine regions in Latin America, and noted as the birthplace of the Malbec grape. Entre Cielos produces an exclusive wine named ‘Marantal’ – a wine that has received high praise from experts in the industry.

Entre Cielos offers experiences that will enthral even the keenest of wine enthusiasts. For a romantic sojourn, there is the ‘Love is on the Wine’, where couples can tour the vineyards in a Deux Chevaux and indulge in romantic gourmet meals and a private wine tasting.

Or experience wine through time with ‘Back to the Wine Future’ and let the taste of wines from different decades take you back into the past. Visit antique wineries, and step into modern and futuristic wineries, enjoy gourmet meals and tour the vineyards in a classic Citroën 3CV.

Entre Cielos also invites you to design your own wine experience – perfect for a highly personalised touch to your ultimate wine holiday.

Les Sources de Caudalie-outdoor

Les Sources de Caudalie (France)


Located among the vineyards of Château Smith Haut Lafitte, Les Sources de Caudalie prides on welcoming guests to a place full of warmth, and a service that lacks no attention to the smallest of details. With a belief that the French diet and lifestyle nurtures a deep sense of well-being, Les Sources de Caudalie invites guests to a stay that will invigorate and renew them from within.

Spectacular Lodging

Between resplendent vineyards and lush forests, Les Sources de Caudalie was built with recycled local material that blends with the natural surroundings. The hotel boasts 40 rooms and 21 suites, designed and furnished with history and culture in mind, with paintings, antiques and luxurious fabrics. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities to ensure complete comfort during your stay. For a unique experience, there is the Ile aux Oiseaux, a room that is reminiscent of cabins on stilts that promises an incredible view. There is also the Village des Pêcheurs (Fishermen’s Village), that has 12 suites on stilts around a small lake. For French country house charm, there is the Château Le Thil, which was built in 1737 and just a mile away from Les Sources de Caudalie. An old and refined house, Château Le Thil blends authentic traditional aesthetics with modern facilities. If you desire, you can hire a private chef to provide you gourmet sustenance.

Step into Wine Country

Les Sources de Caudalie is surrounded by excellent vineyards. The neighbouring Graves vineyard is one of the oldest in Bordeux. Wine tours are available for guests to explore the Château Smith Haut Lafitte and the Grand Cru Classé de Graves. Other tours include a tasting tour, where you can visit the cellars and sample the selection of wines produced by the Château. There are also tasting workshops and lessons where you can deepen your knowledge about wines, tastes and aromas, and how to pair it with food. The Château also has a collection of art, and guests are invited to view these exquisite pieces and hear the stories behind them. For those keen on learning the secrets and the art of wine-making, there is an interactive tour where you can experience a day in the life of a chef de culture and understand the art of producing fine wines.

You are not limited to the neighbouring vineyards. You can even visit the areas of Médoc, Sauternes, Pomerol, and Saint-Emilion, and relish the best of the Bordeux wine region.

Vinotherapie® Spa

Why stop at consuming wine, when you can use it as a treatment for the body and soul? In a setting that emanates tranquillity and serenity, Les Source de Caudalie offers exclusive spa treatments using the excellent properties of grapes, wine, and mineral-rich hot spring water.

Drink and Eat Like the French

The French know their food and their drink. Les Sources de Caudalie presents gastronomic delights that are paired effortlessly with their wines. For serious wine lovers, the French Paradox Bar will be a delight. Their wine cellar holds 1200 bottles of exquisite wines and liquors, a pleasure for guests to partake in.

astiglion del Bosco - bodega - Italy

Castiglion del Bosco (Italy)


In the region of Tuscany, Castiglion del Bosco is abundant with rich history and culture, full of luxury and brimming with delectable wines. Situated in a centuries-old estate in Val d’Orcia in the countryside alongside a castle, church and a Borgo, Castiglion del Bosco is a tale that has deeps roots in the past.

Revel in a Tuscan Tale

Surrounded by rolling hills, vast green spaces and lush vineyards, Castiglion del Bosco is a slice of authentic Tuscany. The woodlands are alive with wildlife such as deer and pheasants. The hotel features a variety of rooms, suites and villas – all fitted with modern facilities, and all cloaked with opulence and awash with warm Tuscan hues. The villas of Castiglion del Bosco have been restored from rustic farmhouses to luxury villas clad with fine furnishings and bespoke furniture.

For a rejuvenating experience, there is a spa for guests to indulge in and relax. Castiglion del Bosco also has a spectacular golf course and a vibrant wildlife reserve.

Feast on Tuscan cuisine at the Castiglion del Bosco’s two restaurants, where the food is made fresh and made from the heart. Enjoy the classic Italian flavours and the vibrant and delightful tastes.

Tales from the Vineyard

Castiglion del Bosco has created fine wines by blending in skilful art and an honour for tradition. The rich soil is the essence that makes the Sangiovese, Brunello and Rosso grapes special and the foundation of the wines. Castiglio del Bosco is a winery steeped in ancient history, and the fifth biggest producer of Brunello di Montalcino. Wines are made from grapes harvested at the two main vineyards – Capanna and Gauggiole.

The winery features a tasting room, where guests can enjoy a sumptuous view from a glass walkway that extends over the barrique cellar.

Besides fine wines, Castiglio del Bosco also produces other stellar products like grappa, extra virgin olive oil and honey.

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