Shanti Maurice - Mauritius

Five of the Finest Destination Spas in the World

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Here are five of the finest destination spas in the world :

Shanti Maurice - Spa

Shanti Maurice (Mauritius)

Surrounded by the most luminescent cerulean waters, the island of Mauritius boasts a paradise of epic proportions. Coral reefs embellish the Indian Ocean coastline, while verdant greenery hugs the once active volcanic craters. It is here where elite travellers will discover an authentic spa destination in the Shanti Maurice Nira Resort. A study in tranquillity and culture, relaxation and elegance, this unique location proves that you can never have too much of a good thing.

An Island Spa Eden

Shanti Maurice is not ashamed in the least to provide extreme comfort and luxury. With a desire to offer guests the opportunity for life transformation, the spa and its staff are focused on realigning and rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit. Guests may choose from a number of spa services and treatments, proffered through their four deluxe spa and wellness stations.

The Fitness and Wellness Station and Experience provides travellers with a physical approach to total life healthiness. Through this set of programmes, guests are given instruction and assistance with yoga, Pilates, watsu, and much more. The Holistic Bio Station and Experiences offer therapeutic treatments such as the Sacred Nature Face and Body Ceremony, while the Oriental Station and Experience provides the finest Zen and Eastern philosophies, including Shiatsu, Thai Massage, and a tea ceremony.

Luxuriate in the Grandeur of it All

Shanti Maurice provides guests with the finest amenities and appointments throughout each of the serene common areas and luscious guest rooms and suites. Each of the extraordinary villas supplied by this spa destination offers private pools, gardens, and terraces. A myriad of dining venues on the property enhance the spa experience, each proffering an abundance of fresh ingredients and local delicacies. In this idyllic setting, healthy cuisine is prepared using fresh fish and seafood from the Indian Ocean, locally sourced produce, and the desire to create masterful dishes that coalesce with the desires for wellness. The ways in which Shanti Maurice studiously emphasizes luxury and wellbeing are evident in every aspect of their hospitable service.

L'Albereta - Indoor Pool


In an area of Italy, where the lush olive and verdant laurel hued hills roll into the centuries old estates, L’Alberta offers discerning travellers a destination spa that is unmatched in the region. Opulent scenery encompasses this 1800’s former country house, where the renowned Cavalleri family once took residence. Today, L’Alberta provides guests with a luxurious escape from the rigours of daily life.

A Spa Experience Like No Other

Guests of L’Alberta are treated to the finest spa amenities and services available throughout the world with the onsite offerings of a Spa Henri Chenot. Considered the height of luxury, this medical and wellness spa gives each of its privileged visitors a thorough and sumptuous spa experience. Each of the treatments and services rendered are based on the Henri Chenot philosophy of total balance through biontology, a melding of Eastern and Western medicinal healing techniques.

In addition to the standard day spa services offered by the Spa Henri Chenot, this destination for pampering also provides guests with lavish healthcare and wellbeing programmes. With choices of three, four, seven, and fourteen night programmes, guests may select the services and amenities which fit their health and wellness goals.

Regal Accommodations and Room to Play

Located in the Franciacorta region of Italy, nestled between Verona and Milano, L’Alberta proffers a plethora of relaxing activities and thrilling excursions. Guests who have chosen to spend their holiday embarking on a journey of health will discover a number of local sights and historical settings which serve to heighten their sense of tranquillity and rejuvenation.

For the ultimate indulgence in accommodation, the 19 guest suites provided by L’Alberta are truly one of a kind. Each suite offers a unique charm and character, a touch of history enveloped in Italian elegance. From the Suite Bellavista’s romantic penthouse location to the retractable roof of the Cabriolet Room, guests of this resort and spa are treated like genuine royalty.

Indulgent Dining Options

Spa destination travellers will rejoice in the gourmet dining options available through L’Alberta. The Wellness Restaurant Spa Henri Chenot serves epicurean masterpieces for the eye and palette each day for lunch and dinner. Here, guests will experience local flavours and seasonal ingredients, prepared to support the ideals of health and wellness.

Others will encounter contemporary Italian cuisine during the dinners served at the Restaurant Leonefelice. All day dining options are available as well through the gastronomic delights of the Vistalago Bistro. An al fresco eatery that overlooks the Iseo Lake, diners will find a number of Italian dishes to rave over. Every meal and service provided at L’Alberta contribute to the philosophies of health and wellbeing of which this destination spa is so well known.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain - El Albir - Alicante - royal suite

SHA Wellness Clinic (Spain)

The epitome of spa destination, the SHA Wellness Clinic and Medical Hotel in Alicante, symbolizes every aspect of wellbeing and relaxation that a traveller could desire. Built and designed solely for the purpose of seeking wellness and life balance, this amazingly luxurious spa destination provides lavish amenities and intricately detailed wellness programmes.

A Spa, In the True Sense of the Word

At SHA Wellness Clinic, an array of General, Specific, and Aesthetic Programmes are offered to guests who are seeking to improve a certain area of their life or wellbeing.  From programmes that focus on a soulful journey into self-discovery to others which focus on rejuvenation and tobacco cessation or the SHA Complete Gluteal Sculpting programme, the possibilities for indulgence and self-improvement are truly endless.

Clinical and wellness areas within the SHA Wellness include the likes of a Cognitive Development Unit, Osteopathy Unit, Traditional Chinese Medicine Unit, and a Water treatment area, among many others.

Offering Luxury Facilities and Appointments

Combining the most precious aspects of a spa destination with the well sought amenities of a five star resort, the SHA Wellness Clinic offers common areas that are unparalleled in the region. Take the time to lounge by the numerous waterfalls or in the SHA Library, spend hours in reflection at the Zen or Mediterranean gardens, even indulge yourself at the putting green or paddle tennis court.

The SHA Wellness Clinic provides guests with a choice of 93 pristine and spacious guest suites. Each suite offers an atmosphere that is welcoming and genuinely relaxing. The well thought décor works in tandem with the aromas, sights, and sounds of the region to enhance the spa destination experience.

It is impossible to speak about a SHA property without mentioning the delicate yet sensational cuisine prepared daily for guests. As the SHA philosophy is centred on proper nutrition for the body and mind, the meals prepared are both healthy and delicious, and always serve a purpose. Meal plans are developed to target each guest’s specific goals, yet never leave travellers feeling that they are dieting. All of this attention to detail helps to create a spa destination that is unsurpassed.

Ananda - In The Himalayas - Exfoliation experience

Ananda - In The Himalayas (India)

Equal parts spa destination and tranquil exploration of self-discovery, the Ananda Spa in the Himalayan foothills of India provides travellers seeking wellness with the finest luxuries. Offering a plethora of wellbeing and holistic healing programmes, drawing from traditional Eastern disciplines, this retreat is unlike any other.

Escape to the Ultimate Himalayan Spa

Unlike many luxury resorts where the spa is a mere added amenity, Ananda – In The Himalayas is wholly centred on its spa and wellness offerings. Guests will discover many treatment options and philosophies, each proffering a benefit to specific mind, body, and wellness goals. Experience the cleansing properties of Ayurvedic treatments, the mental and physical gains from Satyananda Yoga, and the healing energies of Tibetan body treatments.

Other spa alternatives include reflexology, reiki, and crystal healing treatments, beauty and aesthetic sessions, and fitness programmes created to target individual desires and needs. Spend time with a visiting Spa Master or Guru to learn the intricacies of self-guided meditation or a new form of yoga practice. With every service provided and every need anticipated, guest lectures, and a supremely hospitable staff, Ananda – In The Himalayas is a one of a kind destination.

The Utopia of Indian Accommodations

Guests of Ananda – In The Himalayas will discover a spectacular range of guest accommodations on the property. Visitors have a choice between standard style rooms, suites, and private villas. Each guest area is incredibly spacious and inviting, with neutral colours and lush textures evoking a sense of serenity. Every style of accommodation offers guests bespoke views of the gardens, the palace, or the tropical valley below.

Ananda – In The Himalayas offers guests a variety of dining venue options, from communal to private. Each guest will receive a consultation at the beginning of his or her stay, through which an appropriate nutrition plan is conceived. This is not to say that guests will spend their time at Ananda – In The Himalayas feeling that they are being kept from the finest flavours and dishes of the region. In fact, each meal is artfully prepared to be as delicious as it is nutritious.

With the knowledge that a true spa destination must offer more than continuous therapeutic treatments, Ananda – In The Himalayas strives to provide its guests with fun and engaging activities to assist with the overall wellness program. Take the time to attend a cooking class, enjoy the local culture of India, go bird watching, or even on safari. Each of these activities, and so many more, are offered readily at the stunning Ananda Spa.

Les Sources de Caudalie-Pool

Les Sources de Caudalie (France)

Understanding that the French Paradox, a health and wellness philosophy developed over the last decades, is authentic and genuine in its intrinsic benefits has become a key factor in the development of the Les Sources de Caudalie. As an immense palatial estate located in the heart of Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte, this luxury spa and hotel destination offers relaxation and rejuvenation at every turn.

Vinotherapie in Bordeaux

Offering an impressive array of spa therapies and treatments, the Caudalie’s Vinotherapie Spa is a destination all on its own. Wrapped in an atmosphere of natural elegance, the spa was built and decorated to enhance the holistic properties of the proffered treatments and services. Subtle hues blend with natural fibres and exotic woods to replicate a feeling of the gorgeous French landscape.

The exclusive Vinotherapie spa menu encapsulates every adored aspect of wine and the wine region. From two or more day “cures” which focus on specific wellness goals to half day “rituals” that combine a myriad of beloved treatments, guests of the Caudalie’s Vinotherapie Spa are pampered in the utmost in privacy and luxury.

Luxuriate in Accommodations and Amenities Which Enhance the Spa Experience

With 40 unique and thoughtful guest rooms and suites, Les Sources de Caudalie provides spacious and well-appointed accommodations for each of its celebrated guests. Travellers will find an overwhelming abundance of cultural reference, historical accoutrements, and opulent amenities within each guest space.

In addition to the grand accommodations and luxurious spa services offered at this fine destination, guests will also encounter dining opportunities which invigorate the senses and evoke a genuine feeling of serenity. Choose from the La Grand’Vigne Restaurant, which offers local French cuisine with a modern and seasonal twist, or the La Table Du Lavoir French Bistro where contemporary recipes are served with the sensational wines from the region. A complete package of luxury and wellness in one fabulous spa destination.

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