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Five of the Finest Properties Centred Around Horses

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Five of the finest properties centred around horses:

Mustang Monument Eco-Resort - Horse among Wigwam Tents at Dusk

Mustang Monument Eco Resort (USA)


Proving that a sustainable resort can be just as luxurious as a five star hotel, the Mustang Monument Eco Resort in Nevada. As a reserve and preservation area for wild horses, this all-inclusive ranch offers global travellers the opportunity to unite with the land and wonders of Western nature. Through a myriad of horse and ranch related activities, guests learn to work the land and to connect with the amazing Mustangs that live around the vast acreage.

Wild West Activities

Promoting an exciting array of adventurous holiday excursions and activities, the staff at the Mustang Monument Eco Resort is heartfelt in their desire to ensure guests engage with their surroundings. With day and night safari adventures, a long list of horseback riding excursions, roping lessons, and horse drawn wagon rides, the options for equine excitement are endless.

In addition to the many horse related activities, guests will also encounter a number of nature and sport options as well. Choose from adventures such as guided or military hikes, archery, rappelling, Native American beading classes, historic tours, range shooting, and much more.

Monumental Accommodations and Amenities

Guests of the Mustang Monument Eco Resort have a choice between two different, yet equally stunning room options while staying at the resort. For those who wish to experience the rustic beauty of sleeping in a tipi, the Luxury Tipis are a perfect choice. Each is furnished with chic Western décor, appointed with all of the luxury amenities a guest could ever need, and each evokes a sense of sleeping incredibly close to the stars.

For those who require accommodations that are a little more hotel-like, the Safari Cottages are a beautiful combination of earthy lodge and boutique luxury hotel. With a home away from home feel and charming accoutrements, each of the 10 Safari Cottages provides spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

Included in each guest stay, travellers are offered an exquisite array of amenities. A few of the notable inclusive options are complete meals, breakfast through dinner, and spa or beauty treatments in the privacy of your own guest space. With opulent accommodations and hospitality beyond reproach, the Mustang Monument Eco Resort bestows adventure and luxury to each of its privileged guests.

La Bamba de Areco - Lunch Tables with a View

La Bamba de Areco (Argentina)


An exciting and inviting culmination of an Argentinian Estancia, historically significant culture, and equine activity, the La Bamba de Areco Estate envelops guests into the heart and soul of Pampa. Originally a post house on the Camino Real, this early 19th century estate provides a stunning park and true gaucho heritage into a luxury destination.

Amazing Activities and Transcendental Traditions

The horse, and all things horse related, are thoroughly celebrated at the La Bamba de Areco Estate. Travellers will encounter a number of exciting activities, including horseback, carriage, and mountain bike excursions, spa services, swimming options, historical tours, museum walks, and Polo. For guests who enjoy or have an interest in Polo, the estate provides visitors with the unique opportunity to engage and witness the Polo practice sessions of the local La Bamba de Areco Polo team.

Authentic gaucho traditions are found around every corner of this grand estate, from the folk dances and asados to the Indian horse whispering, boleador games, and musical entertainment. In the fall, guests are welcome to attend the local La Semana de la Fiesta de la Tradicion, where gauchos from every city in Argentina meets to celebrate their heritage.

Rustic Yet Elegant Guest Spaces

Offering 11 different guest rooms and suites, the La Bamba de Areco Estate exemplifies the ideals of luxury estate living. Here, opulent décor and sumptuous furnishings compliment the picturesque landscapes and views from each room. While each space provides all of the necessary amenities, guests will not find modern technologies, such as a television as this is a destination that encourages exploration and activity.

As far as common areas go, the Pulperia is genuinely one of a kind. As the oldest structure on the property, the Pulperia is steeped in romantic gaucho history and mystique. Today, this space offers guests an area to rest and reflect, socialize and plan their day’s adventures. From the stone walls to the natural rock hearth, the natural hues to the bespoke Argentinian artwork, this common area is a quiet yet exciting retreat.

The La Bamba de Areco Estate is a consummate study in contrasts and time lines. With contemporary luxuries and antique décor, historic edifices and modern amenities, guests are seamlessly transported to a time when the horse and gaucho where as famous as any current celebrity.

Caballadas - Horseriding amid spectacular nautre

Caballadas (Argentina)


Celebrating over 100 years of family and history, the Caballadas Estancia provides discerning travellers with the unique opportunity to explore the equine heritage of Patagonia while wrapped in authentic Argentinian luxury. Situated on the northern expanse of the Lanin National Park, this twenty thousand hectare estate offers subtle elegance and adventurous activity.

Horseback Riding in Patagonia

Horseback riding is the primary activity offered at the Caballadas Estancia. More than a mere trip around a predetermined paddock, the rides here are an unequalled adventure. Through their bespoke riding services, guests are treated to private lessons, a choice of appropriate horses and tack, inclusive amenities, and the expertise of a bilingual guide.

With three diverse riding trip options, guests may choose which style and method of adventure is ideal for their station. The Polo and Horse Riding Experience in Patagonia provides travellers with the opportunities to visit a Polo Championship match and then participate in their own private session. The Valley Lodge Programme transports guests to the Patagonian Lake District, where they find themselves acting and working as true gauchos. Finally, the Expedition Program allows each participant to travel a storied trail, setting up camps and enjoying nature along the way.

Argentinian Accommodations and Hospitality

Guests of the Caballadas Estancia will stay in the renowned La Casa Grande, a valley lodge that is both luxurious and charming. Available daily at the lodge, guests are offered a private host, personal chef, individual staff, and all meals and beverage services, including beer and wine. Each of the 10 bedrooms will accommodate two guests, ideal for a group or family wishing to experience Patagonia on horseback.

Regardless of the venue, from campsite to private dining, each of the meals served at the Caballadas Estancia are equally superb. Breakfasts are traditionally served buffet style, while lunches often have a picnic theme. Afternoon tea is served daily, overlooking the glorious mountains and valleys of the park. Dinners are served to coincide with the setting sun, and include the freshest locally sourced Argentinian ingredients.

For the days where you find yourself needing a break from riding, the Caballadas Estancia offers other activities that will not leave you saddle sore. Guests may choose to attend a local Polo match, play a round of golf, hike and trek through the park, go boating in the lake, or even try fly fishing. After a day of alternative activity, the horses and trails will beckon you back to the saddle, and have you falling in love with Caballadas Estancia all over again.

African Horseback Safaris - water - Botswana

African Horseback Safaris (Botswana)


On a two hundred thousand hectare private Okavango Delta concession, the luxury services and accommodations of African Horseback Safaris effortlessly meld the love of equestrian sport and safari adventure into one thrilling African destination. A land where the local flora and fauna genuinely outnumber the people, guests are invited to journey through the land and explore their surroundings in true African fashion.

Extreme Safari on Horseback

Safari is the main attraction offered by African Horseback Safaris, where as the name implies, each adventure begins by saddling up. While some rides and drives are subdued and gentle, others are thrilling and inherently rugged. Guests will have the opportunity to choose which style suits their mood and preference, or try them all over a number of days.

Each of the safari options proffered are proudly deemed an “eco safari”, due to the staff’s philosophies on environmental protection and conservation. The safaris are planned seasonally, allowing the guests and indigenous species to experience each other without leaving a troublesome footprint. By participating in an eco safari, travellers will learn about the environment and endemic populations while enjoying the wonders of nature.

The African Horseback Safaris provides a list of sample itineraries, and also allows for the scheduling of bespoke trails and tours to tailor to guest desires. Sample itineraries span from intimate 3 night excursions to indulgent 10 night adventures. These itineraries can include horseback riding or walking, depending upon the travellers needs.

African Opulence and Sublime Services

The 10 immaculate safari tent suites offered by African Horseback Safaris are reminiscent of a genuine safari lodging, with an elegant flair. Eight of these safari suites accommodate couples, and each offers breathtaking views of the Okavango Delta and its animal inhabitants. Recent additions to the property include a fabulous honeymoon safari tent suite as well as a family tent suite.

For guests who do not wish to participate in the equine centred activities and adventures, there are a number of alternative options available. Some may enjoy the bird and animal viewing in the area, while others will relish the chance to cool off in the hidden swimming pool. Additional options include game drives via safari jeep, fishing, and seasonal boating. Even for those travellers who do not wish to spend their holiday riding, it is impossible to not appreciate the majesty and beauty of the local horse population at the African Horseback Safaris.

Ranch at Rock Creek - Bar Stools Saddles

The Ranch at Rock Creek (USA)


The Ranch at Rock Creek, located in the rolling hills of Philipsburg, Montana, provides adventurous travellers with fine accommodations and exhilarating adventures. A true working ranch, guests are invited to experience the daily life of a rancher throughout the six thousand plus acre private property.

Signature Horseback Activities and More

The Ranch at Rock Creek offers guests an overwhelming list of signature activities and experiences. Try your hand at fly fishing or archery, the ropes course or even shooting sports. With an eye on family participation, the ranch even offers a Little Grizzlies Club for younger guests. However, the most popular signature experiences provided to guests are the iconic horseback riding adventures. With a diverse system of trails and over 75 horses, the possibilities for equine activity are never ending.

Guests who wish to experience the land in a different way will appreciate the option of Trail Adventures. Through these various itineraries, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the land on a mountain bike or while hiking. Others will find Geochaching to be a thrilling seek and find style attraction.

A Ranch Above All Others

The Ranch at Rock Creek proffers an exceptional array of guest accommodations. Choose from the rustic and charming Granite Lodge, the glamourous Glamping Cabins, the privacy of the Historic Barn, or the elegance of the detached Private Homes. Each guest space accommodates various group sizes, while every space offers the finest amenities and Western chic appointments.

Public areas within the Ranch at Rock Creek are communal and luxurious, promoting moments of reflection as well as socialization. Spend some time admiring the décor at the Rod & Gun Club, or the quaint offerings of the Mercantile. The Silver Dollar Saloon epitomizes every Western you have ever watched, while the lounge area of the Granite Lodge beckons guests to take off their boots and rest by the fireplace.

Western Hospitality and Services

The Ranch at Rock Creek ensures that each guests needs are met and exceeded through their inclusive services. With a myriad of dining experiences in 4 uniquely planned venues, all guest meals are included in your stay. Additionally, the ranch has its own lavish spa on site, a fine way to relax your sore muscles after a day on horseback. Open year round, with activities to suit every season, the Ranch at Rock Creek is a memorable and uplifting destination for horse an

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