The Mille Miglia - Italy - alfa romeo 6c 1500 mms

The Mille Miglia

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The Mille Miglia Combines Beauty and History with Speed and Excitement

There is a good reason racing enthusiasts refer to the 1000 Miglia as one of the most beautiful races in the world. This exclusive event provides an almost unparalleled fusion of exceptional classic and vintage race cars and distinct Italian luxury, art, fashion, and culture.

Originally held between 1927 and 1957, the event sprung back to life in 1977 to honor and re-enact the legendary race, allowing participants to take iconic routes through the scenic landscapes. The 1000 Miglia celebrates the racing history of the region while staying respectful to the surrounding environment and communities.

Taking place each year in May, the 1000 Miglia is also an homage to Freccia Rossa, a heritage brand that’s long been synonymous with the event.

The Italian race has four legs that take you on an exceptional journey across some of the most mesmerizing regions in the country. You’ll be driving through Siguta Garden Park, Ferrara, and Perugia. You will also get to enjoy the stunning view of Lake Vico and cross the famous Raticosa and Futa passes. The 1000 Miglia culminates with a spectacular procession at Viale Venezia.

This is just a glimpse into the memorable experience this race offers. To get a more immersive feel of the excitement it delivers, you can check the 1000 Miglia 3D presentation.

The Mille Miglia - Italy - mm bugattiThe Mille Miglia - Italy - alfa romeo 6c 1750 gsThe Mille Miglia - Italy - aston martin db2The Mille Miglia - Italy - bugatti 37The Mille Miglia - Italy - siata dainaThe Mille Miglia - Italy - ferrari 250 mmThe Mille Miglia - Italy - RaceThe Mille Miglia - Italy - gilco mariani 1100 sport 2

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