5 Striking Architectural Hotels

Fogo Island Inn - remote

Hotels are not merely places you spend the night – it is an experience for all the senses. From the distinct design to the story or history behind it, these hotels are known for their striking build and architecture. Staying at these remarkable hotels will elevate your holiday high above the rest; with extravagance and luxury, these hotels are a

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Jumping Antwerpen

Jumping Antwerpen - Belgium - Flanders

Longines Global Champions Tour returns to Antwerp for the second round of its 2015 edition from 22-25th April, after ‘Jumping Antwerpen’ successfully hosted the season’s opener of the Champions Tour in 2014. Last year’s inaugural Grand Prix was won by American double Olympic Silver medallist McLain Ward with his feisty Rothchild,

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5 Wind-powered Escapades

 Dunia Baru means ‘New World’ in Indonesian, and that is exactly where it will take you. Cruise through the waters and navigate the Indonesian archipelago in a superyacht like no other. Discover the islands and its pristine nature, and explore hidden gems. East Meets West, in Comfort and Style Designed to combine modernity, technology and tradition seamlessly, Dunia Baru

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Scalaria Air Challenge

Scalaria Air Challenge is a breathtaking flight show event on a lake

In the years 1924/25 the Austrian air traffic AG – forerunner of today’s „Austrian Airlines“ – has incorporated the flight route Wien – Wolfgangsee for the first time, in 2012 the historical route experiences a renaissance in a spectacular setting. Scalaria air challenge, developed from „a small water

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5 Cool Nature Adventures

African Horseback Safaris - Botswana - Safari

Nature has so much to offer when we stop to smell the roses. Take a break away from concrete buildings and the madness of city life, and take a sojourn that is unforgettable. Forget camping in the wild, not having showers and eating canned beans; with our unique luxury nature getaways you can enjoy the outdoors in absolute comfort and

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Five Remote Retreats that are Deliciously Intimate

Shakti Himalaya, India

In our modern and hectic world, it is hard to find quiet moments to just be still (or to hear one think). Find space, peace and tranquillity in intimate getaways, located in far-flung corners of the earth where you will be in your own little private paradise. These remote corners offer privacy, or romance, or adventure – take your pick.

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Rally Royale

Rally Royale - Oman - Driving

Classic car fans have reason to rejoice as Rally Royale has announced its inaugural Oman Grand Tour, which is set to take place in the autumn of 2015. The tour will span Oman’s glorious Salaleh right through to the modern marvel that is Dubai, taking in a number of stops along the

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Five incredible desert adventures

People do not often associate deserts with holidays, vacations or getaways. But they can be a very unique destination that can offer what the usual conventional holiday spots can’t. These desert adventures are holidays with a real difference. From intriguing landscapes to thrilling journeys, soak in the sun and relish the heat. But do not fret – you can do

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Three Top Picks for Cycling Adventures

Marsh-Mallows - Mallorca - Sa Calobra

Now, let’s not be mistaken – when we say ‘cycling adventures’ we are not talking about roughing it out on gruelling trails and eating unappetising packed lunches en route. It is not about cycling as fast as you can from one place to another, and it is not about exerting so much energy in the day that you are completely

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360fly - camera - snow

The latest 360fly camera from EyeSee360 is rather mind-blowing. Imagine Google Street View – or Google Business View for that matter – where you can swipe to pan and pinch to zoom, but where you see actual moving vehicles and pedestrians. This is the type of visual experience that can be achieved when using a 360fly

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