The Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix, Singapore

The Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix

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F1’s Longest and Hardest Race

A Singapore Sling to many is a colourful gin based cocktail. But for a select few it is the name of corner in Formula 1’s longest and hardest Grand Prix, the Singapore Grand Prix.

In 2007 the city of Singapore in collaboration with Formula 1 announced they would host a Formula 1 race the following year. Though it was not the first Grand Prix to be held within the city, as the original Singapore Grand Prix held between 1966 and 1973 was for the Formula Libre series, it was a first for the Formula 1 series.

Debuting in February 2008 the Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix was the first Grand Prix in Formula 1 history to be held at night. The track is lit by a series of projectors that adjust their output to the shape of the track.  Due to the race being held at night, broadcasting of the event live is suitable for European viewers.

The Singapore Grand Prix is a street circuit that measure just over five kilometres and runs within Singapore’s Marina Bay.

Considered by many drivers as being twice as hard to negotiate than that of the famous street circuit of Monaco.   It is also considered physically more demanding, in part due to the roughness of the circuit.

Physically demanding and mentally challenging, the Singapore Grand Prix is an exciting racing event that won’t disappoint spectators.

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