now limits with a Sledgehammer Snowbike

Sledgehammer Snowbike’s

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Snow limits with a Sledgehammer Snowbike

Dating back the 1850’s skibiking or as it’s also know snowbiking or skibobing, first appeared in the European Alps as a practical winter vehicle. Early skibikes were made with a large wooden frame, making them heavy and not so easy to operate.  Around the 1870’s a similar vehicle was constructed in North America.

With the proliferation of skiable areas increasing in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s, the sport continued to grow in popularity throughout Europe. In 1961 The Federation International de Skibob (FISB) was created and in 1967 the first Skibob World Championships were held.

In the 1980’s the sport slumped with only a few manufacturers still operating. It was in only in the late 90’s that the sport saw a re-emergence and was branded as being an extreme sport.

The SH#5 from Sledgehammer is the ultimate fun-tool when skibiking. Built to perform at its best in any terrain, the SH#5 is great for big air, deep powder turns or just extreme carving on the slopes.  Fitted with new wider skis, that will easily ‘float’ in fresh powder. The SH#5 rides on an adjustable long travel front and rear suspension, cushioning everything you throw at it.

Skibiking is an extreme and exhilarating amendment to the range of alternative downhill skiing products.

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