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The Superyacht Cup Palma

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The Superyacht Cup Palma Once Again Welcomes the World’s Finest Luxury Yachts

The Superyacht Cup Palma is held during Palma de Mallorca’s annual super yacht Regatta which is the longest running and possibly the most prestigious super yacht regatta in the whole of Europe.

The Venue

The regatta is hosted by the Real Club Nautico de Palma and takes place across the idyllic Mediterranean waters of the Bay of Palma. The majestic yachts are moored, stern first, into the regatta village in Muelle Viejo with its impressive and beautiful backdrop of, first the Paseo Maritimo with its Palm tree lined elegance and behind that, the even more impressive 13th century Cathedral.


Apart from being the longest running regatta for super yachts in Europe, The Superyacht Cup Palma  has the attraction of being a race that allows luxury yachts, regardless of class, to race against each other. This possibly unique opportunity appeals to many super yacht owners and so they bring their super yachts from all around the globe, to this one annual meeting place, in order to place their luxurious yachts into a competitive position.

The Cup

The Superyacht Cup Palma  itself is a prestigious prize for any super yacht owner and in order to win it, they must race on three separate days with each day’s results assisting their positioning for the following day. On the first day, they start the race in accordance with their yacht’s class but their starting time for the second and third days are dependent on their race positions from the previous day. Obviously an earlier start time, as radioed to each yacht, is an advantage and so the yachts race on the first two days in order to get the earliest possible time for the third and final day’s racing.

Social Occasion

Since The Superyacht Cup Palma first started in 1996, is has continued to gain in popularity each year and as the popularity grows, so do the number social events planned during the four days of the regatta. With this perhaps being the most sought after prize for luxury yacht owners, attracting them from countries far and wide, the social interaction is obviously somewhat of a unique experience which in itself attracts even more yacht enthusiasts, resulting in social occasions which are rarely matched anywhere else in the world.


The dates set for The Superyacht Cup Palma 2015 are the 17th to the 20th June and the turnout is once again expected to set new records. In 2014, 30 super yachts took part, an increase of 4 on the previous year and this has been a trend that has been continuous since the race was introduced. For the non-sailors, the regatta village is just a 5 minute walk from luxurious city boutique hotels and the array of international shops that you would expect to find in any popular resort town, especially one that is also the capital of both Mallorca and the Balearic Islands.

The-Superyacht-Cup-Palma-Event-by-Night-in-the-heart-of-PalmaThe Superyacht Cup Palma  -  Tight Racing The-Superyacht-Cup-Palma-Yacht-Crew-Sitting-in-LineThe-Superyacht-Cup-Palma-Grand-Superyachts The-Superyacht-Cup-Palma-Sharp-Turn-around-BuoyThe Superyacht Cup Palma  -  Double Deck Sailing

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