TYPE 3 by Ressence

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Redesigning time with the TYPE 3 by Ressence

If perfection is the child of time then that child’s name would be TYPE 3 by Ressence. The watch has been designed and engineered by Benoit Mintiens of Antwerp in Belgium.

In the quest for simplicity Ressence has removed the crown, giving the TYPE 3 watch a pure and minimalist character. In doing this Ressence has created a timepiece that is technically intricate yet mesmerizing to behold.

The drive mechanism is enclosed in an upper compartment that in turn is filled with an oil. The oil is there to trick the brain into viewing the face as two dimensional.  This give the appearance that the hands and face are completely flat.

Engineered with a sapphire crystal and titanium case that holds four hundred and seven individual components. All the components of the TYPE 3 are made with the exotic metal known as titanium with the exception of the gears.

It is no wonder that in 2013 the TYPE 3 was awarded the Horological Revelation Prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, a contest between luxury high-end watch manufacturers.

The TYPE 3 redefines the way time is perceived.


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