Kazazian Cruises


Kazazian Cruises - A luxury sail through history

KAZAZIAN Luxury Cruises proudly presents two of its finest vessels, the Berge and the ARAX, each offering an exquisite cruising experience.

The Berge is a masterpiece of modern maritime engineering, blending sleek design with unparalleled luxury. Its spacious cabins, gourmet dining options, and state-of-the-art amenities ensure a comfortable and indulgent voyage.

The ARAX, on the other hand, a 3-deck beauty exudes timeless elegance, combining classic nautical charm with contemporary comforts. Guests aboard the ARAX can enjoy beautifully appointed rooms, world-class service, and a variety of entertainment, spa and relaxation options.

Together, the Berge and the ARAX exemplify KAZAZIAN Luxury Cruises' commitment to delivering unforgettable journeys on the Nile, fully private and customised, to meet the needs of high-end luxury guests.