Kensington Yacht


Kensington Yacht – The Best of Land And Sea

Kensington Yacht specializes in luxury yacht charters that transcend life on the water and encompass unforgettable experiences and enriching, once-in-a-lifetime journeys. Their team of experienced Yacht Specialists is dedicated to exceeding your expectations, with service that’s flawlessly delivered with intelligent simplicity. From the initial stages of planning your itinerary, to embarking on your luxury charter, to the moment you return home, Kensington Yacht meticulously crafts every moment of your journey.

Their aim is to make the booking process for discerning travellers as effortless as the exceptional experience you'll enjoy onboard. Offering seamless, end-to-end service, they'll curate a journey trimmed white-glove treatment, both on the water and at every port, ensuring your days on land are as exceptional as your days on the water.

First, they will help you select your destination and match you with the perfect vessel and onboard amenities, including a diverse selection of water toys, a dedicated and professional crew, and a gourmet chef to cater to your unique culinary tastes. Then they will tailor a complete itinerary of excursions, events, exquisite dining, and delightful surprises, all resulting in a trip that’s simply unforgettable.

Experience the world from a unique perspective with Kensington Yacht.