Kokkedal Castle

Kokkedal Castle, a shining castle in Denmark’s countryside

The nation of Denmark is composed of lowlands and is, for the most part, a peninsula surrounded by the North and the Baltic Seas. Perfect for farming and sailing, the Danish countryside is green, cultivated, and peaceful. During the medieval era, it was common for the Danish lords of the land to build summer villas in the countryside, and these castles and mansions today serve the citizens of Denmark as museums and resorts. The Danes call these estates “slots,” and one of the most lavishly decorated of these slots is Kokkedal Castle. At first, the castle was a one-story manse, designed by the architect John Gottfred Rosenborg for the Count Christian Berckentin in 1746. Today, the Kokkedal is a two-story deluxe boutique hotel, situated in sight of the coastline to the east, and sharing the estate with the Kokkedal Golf Club and the Kokkedal Rideklub, an equestrian group.

The current building, replacing the early manse, arose in 1866, from the designs of Christian Nielson. After many changes of ownership, a complete renovation was begun by the M Goldschmidt Group in 2010, and the hotel opened in for business in 2014. The Kokkedal is now a laidback example of quiet country estate living, with the beaches of the Danish Rivera to the east, the golf course all around, and both a luxurious spa and a fine horse riding club on the grounds. The Concierge at the hotel will be pleased to create a bespoke itinerary with you for your stay, focusing on your specific interests and the demands of your schedule.


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