Ksar Char Bagh

Ksar Char Bagh, the tower among the Palms of the Oasis

There is a river in the dry countryside of Morocco, called the Tenesift, which descends from the Atlas Mountains, where the city of Marrakech drinks deeply from it as it runs east to the sea. The valley alongside the river is an elongated sort of oasis, green and filled with date palms, and this is where you will find the Ksar Char Bagh, a five-star luxury resort at the edge of the Sahara Desert. Situated on four hectares of gardens, including an olive orchard that produces the estates’ very own olive oil for the chef’s kitchen, the Ksar is designed in the grand Moorish style of the Andalusian civilization. Throughout the estate, arches feature Arabic calligraphy and the central tower is decorated with medieval crenellations, offering an amazing vista of the Atlas Mountains soaring above the landscape to the southeast. Visitors to the Ksar will enjoy bespoke services, including babysitting and introductions to nearby Marrakech, as well as strolls through the estates’ vegetable farm, herbal garden, orchards, and visits to the elegant Library and Cigar Cellar in the center of the grounds. The main building also features a 34-meter long swimming pool, which is heated in the cooler seasons, and perfect for refreshing dips in the summertime.

The Ksar Char Bagh is a boutique resort, providing 14 suites designed in the Harim style of Morocco, filled with Moorish motifs and intricate woodwork. The penthouse options offered by the hotel include the Tower, which occupies the top of the central building’s wide and crenellated minaret. The Apartment is the second penthouse, filled with impressive antique décor, its own ensuite bathroom, and a private pool with terrace. Each of the Harims is spacious and elaborately designed in Andalusian themes and warm earth tones, with great attention to detail and luxurious amenities. Among the bespoke services offered by the estate are golfing excursions to any of the nearby courses, such as Palmerie, the Amelkis, and the Almaden ranges, as well as visits to the Ksar Char Bagh Hammam and Spa, founded on Roman ruins on the grounds of the estate. The hammam is based on the ancient principles of the Turkish bath, and the hotel maintains full spa services for all its guests.


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