La Baguala Chacras

Enjoy Uruguayan’s finest beaches and top notch accommodations La Baguala Chacras

The nation of Uruguay has the shape of a pear, and at the base of the pear, facing south, are some of the best-undiscovered beaches in the world. The coastline of Uruguay looks southwards on the Atlantic, and thanks to geography, this happens to be in a very sweet spot. The very warm Brazil current brings beautiful sea breezes to the shores of Uruguay, and because there are no mountain ranges close to the land, the weather can flow freely across the rolling hills called the “cuchillas,” and this creates a moderating effect throughout the year. Situated in the middle of this long stretch of coastline, the capital city of Montevideo is home to one-third of the country’s people, and just a few miles to the west of town, near the Punta Espinillo Park, you can find the beautiful boutique luxury resort of La Baguala, on the beaches of the Chacras neighbourhood.

Located on three hectares of seaside land, La Bagula overlooks a curve of rocky headland around most of its extent, while paths either side of the little peninsula lead to two beaches after just a couple of minutes of strolling.  The Clubhouse of La Baguala offers a gorgeous outdoor pool twelve meter in length, and the concierge of the hotel will be glad to create bespoke tours of the region for hikers, in cars, or even on horseback. The hotel is very child friendly, and features a game room for kids, as well as a billiards room for adults.

The rooms at La Baguala are very large, and designed in completely individual motifs, with many luxurious amenities such as fine linens and designer bathrooms items. Constructed in the 1940’s, the building was once a family farm, and when refurbished, the new ownership created 12 suites with especially spacious rooms.

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