La Bamba de Areco

Enjoy the Luxurious Colonial Elegance of La Bamba de Areco

Located in the heart of the Pampas, 120kms from Buenos Aires near a town called San Antonio de Areco, what is now a boutique hotel, is La Bamba de Areco. Once a great mansion built around a courtyard this impressive building underwent extensive renovation and had additional buildings added to its grounds to create what is now probably the most luxurious hotel in the province. Originally built in 1830, this was one of the oldest mansion estates in Argentina but when other buildings were added nearby to create the hotel La Bamba de Areco, the mansion underwent extensive renovations resulting in the ground floor now housing a living room and an inside dining room which is augmented by a huge outdoor dining room suitable for one the traditional Argentinian BBQs. The bedrooms are located in the additional buildings, all of which are individually named after a famous Polo horse. Although the rooms may be named differently and even decorated in different styles, they all have in common antique furniture, crisp linen sheets, and elegant shiny wooden floors. The mansions guard tower was also subject to renovation and is now the hotel’s library and contains details of the history of the area.

The name of the rooms is not the only link that La Bamba de Areco has with horses as equestrian activities, which are traditional in the area, take place in and around the hotel all the time. The hotel has its own Polo team and the local gauchos often visit. Activities include both horseback riding and carriage rides, as well as mountain biking, swimming in the on-grounds pool, Argentinian bowls and traditional hot massages. As La Bamba de Areco is home to the national Polo Team, practice sessions can often be watched on one of the two polo fields located on the grounds.

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