La Fiermontina Luxury Home

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La Fiermontina Luxury Home - A sensory journey to discover the Salento

La Fiermontina Family Collection, run by Antonia Yasmina and Fouad Giacomo Filali, is well established on Italian territory while expanding in France and Morocco.

In the heart of Lecce, amidst the Baroque embroidery and 16th-century walls, La Fiermontina Luxury Home is a warm, soulful residency set inside a centuries-old olive grove.

This luxury hotel combines art and design in a structure with a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. It consists of a Masseria built in the 17th century, bordered by the ancient city walls, and features 19 rooms & suites, including 3 Suites à Coté; in its garden, surrounded by olive trees and a citrus grove, la Fiermontina Luxury Home hosts Zéphyr Restaurant by Chef Alessandro Pascali. A fusion of cultures that create a unique, innovative cuisine with local roots.

La Fiermontina Family Collection has a clear mission: to provide exceptional hospitality whilst telling a compelling story. All their destinations and experiences aim to promote appreciation of art and create a continuous dialogue with guests so that they feel deeply respected and considered during their stays.