La Fiermontina Ocean

Morocco – sleep MASTER

La Fiermontina Ocean - An experience in nature that will transform you

La Fiermontina Family Collection, run by Antonia Yasmina and Fouad Giacomo Filali, is well established on Italian territory while expanding in France and Morocco.

La Fiermontina Ocean is an Eco-retreat settled in a protected natural park and features 11 Pool Suites, 2 Pool Villas, and 4 Traditional Stone Houses in the rural village of Dchier, a hammam, a private beach club, an Italian & Moroccan Restaurant with cigar lounge and several signature experiences.

It's not just a magical place, a site of incredible stories, the irresistible charm of undiscovered Morocco. It’s a journey that transforms you in a profound way, which slows down time, lights you up and brings emotions to the surface.

At La Fiermontina Ocean the luxury services are delivered through respectful and supportive methods that preserve both human and natural environments, bringing hope to the inhabitants of the forgotten villages of Dchier, Tcharouah and Mezgalef.

Guests at La Fiermontina Ocean can only enjoy a truly transformative journey when it is attained through sustainable tourism, which not only respects the land that it is found on, but contributes to its economic and cultural wealth.

The property promotes a direct interaction with the landscape and the people who inhabit it, supporting the organic use of local flora and fauna whilst protecting local culture and traditions.

In the village of Dchier, hear the cries of grazing sheep and smell freshly baked bread in the streets; hear the singing of local women and see the smiles of local children. This atmosphere reminds them how important it is to protect, nurture and value the community of which they are a part of.

La Fiermontina Family Collection has a clear mission: to provide exceptional hospitality whilst telling a compelling story. All its destinations and experiences aim to promote appreciation of art and create a continuous dialogue with guests so that they feel deeply respected and considered during their stays.