La Fiermontina Palazzo Bozzi Corso

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La Fiermontina Palazzo Bozzi Corso - A romantic 18th century palace in the centre of Lecce

La Fiermontina Family Collection, run by Antonia Yasmina and Fouad Giacomo Filali, is well established on Italian territory while expanding in France and Morocco.

La Fiermontina Palazzo Bozzi Corso is a luxury home built in 1775 and located just a few steps from the Basilica of Santa Croce, in the heart of Lecce, in Puglia. It is celebrated for its perfect proportions, with Emanuele Manieri’s 18th-century design gaining a touch of modernity and refined hospitality through the more recent work of the Fiermonte-Filali family. It has 10 Suites divided into three main categories: Junior Suites, Deluxe Suites, and Wellness Suites, where every room is unique and tells a story. Featuring a beautiful two-hundred square metre secret garden - all just for you - the palace offers a quiet space for you to read and relax, complemented by an elegant roof terrace with views over Lecce's rooftops and bell tower.

Dedicated to the memory of boxer and actor Enzo Fiermonte - the uncle of the Palazzo’s current owners - the building allows you to immerse yourself in ornate furnishings, rich artworks, and world-class design, including pieces by Sottsass, Gio Ponti, Mackintosh and Le Corbusier. The building is also home to sculptures and paintings by Jacques Zwoboda and René Letourneur, as well as beautiful watercolors by Fernand Léger and original drawings by John Lennon, donated by Yoko Ono.

La Fiermontina Family Collection has a clear mission: to provide exceptional hospitality whilst telling a compelling story. All their destinations and experiences aim to promote appreciation of art and create a continuous dialogue with guests so that they feel deeply respected and considered during their stays.