La Residence

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La Residence - Elegance and style in South Africa’s wine region, Franschhoek

At the foot of the western slopes of the Hawequa Mountains, just an hour or so northeast of Cape Town in South Africa, the weather and soil combine to create a perfect region for grapevines. Wherever there are grapes, there is wine, and the hills and valleys of the Hawequa have become the home to a powerful new force in modern viticulture. Today, near the town of Franschhoek, in the valley of the same name, there are numerous vineyards producing some of the world’s premier wines. Founded in 1688 by 176 French Huguenots fleeing religious persecution in their homeland, the settlers of Franschhoek, or the “French Corner,” employed their knowledge of soil and vines to begin the tradition of South African viticulture. Many of the local landmarks in Franschhoek bear their French names even now, such as Bordeaux Street and Mont Rochelle. This is also the source of the name for the opulent and luxurious deluxe boutique hotel, La Residence, set alongside the Varkblaardrif Creek just north of the town, at the feet of the nearby mountains.

Occupying thirty acres of vineyards and gardens, La Residence offers its guests an extraordinary setting of rolling countryside and scenic mountain views, as well as lavish furnishings from a Continental deluxe perspective. A member of the Royal Portfolio hotelier group, La Residence combines high-beamed ceilings with a dusky orange exterior well suited to the surrounding countryside, with the interior décor referencing grand European salons.