Latin Trails


Latin Trails – When Tourists become Explorers

The staff and guides of Latin Trails create a unique set of South American adventure experts who operate chiefly from the country of Ecuador. Offering visitors the opportunity to travel interactively, each tour and itinerary created by Latin Trails exemplifies the luxury and opulence of the region. Guests will stay in the finest accommodations and experience the ultimate South American adventures available today. A genuine focus on sustainable tourism and the provision of high calibre hospitality ensure that Latin Trails remains a well sought holiday experience. Of the three proffered Latin Trails destinations, the Galapagos Island experience is one of the most popular. Offering a journey that is equally exotic and enticing, the Galapagos Islands are viewed in a rarely seen fashion. The mystery of science and biology are explored in-depth on the exciting Galapagos excursions, while the gorgeous natural beauty of the region remains paramount to the overall experience.

The country of Ecuador may be small in comparison to the remaining South American countries, yet this does not hinder its vast natural allure. While spatially Ecuador is small, its inherent natural ecosystems are quite vast. Visitors to the area will find specific areas dedicated to rain forests, highlands, coastlines, and islands in Ecuador. The native wildlife and flora of the country are always on proud display, as is the strong bond between the country and the neighbouring Galapagos Islands.

The final destination offering from Latin Trails is the exotic Incan land of Peru. Here, travellers will have opportunities to experience the mystery and cultural magnificence of Lima, Machu Picchu, and Cuzco. Travel to the past while exploring the famous relic villages and cities, or engage your senses during a delicious Peruvian feast. Live entertainment, mesmerizing music, and nightly dancing are easy to find while exploring Peru.