Blueforest Treehouses - Living the Higlife (Children's Treehouse)

Blue Forest Treehouses

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Blue Forest Treehouses – realizing childhood fantasies and dreaming-up new ones

Have you ever dreamt of reliving your childhood fantasies of high-up treehouses, private hideaways and gigantic adventure playgrounds?  Or are you rather yearning for a personal retreat, allowing you to disconnect from the world for hours or days at a time?

Look no further! Blue Forest will be able to realise your wildest dreams when it comes to the most stunning treehouses and eco-retreats.

UK-based Blue Forest are now considered the world’s leading treehouse consultants, designing and building exclusive treehouses every day, ranging from children’s enchanting treehouse dens to the most astonishing tree ‘homes’ for adults.  The company caters for commercial organisations as well as private clients, who include many successful business men and women, well-known celebrities and even royalty.

Blue Forest is run by brothers Andy and Simon Payne, who were born and raised in Kenya, which is where they developed their love for the great outdoors, having spent their childhood surrounded by the beauty and adventure of their birth place.

Andy Payne, who is the actual founder of Blue Forest, has a BA (Hons) Degree in Business & Design and over 15 years experience in the construction industry. Combined with his passion for art and his creative drive, you can rest assured that if you can imagine your perfect retreat then Andy will find a way to actually build it.

Simon heads up the PR & Marketing efforts, while his international experience in conservation and international development – in a number of countries from Kenya to Nicaragua – must surely have helped Blue Forest to develop such a wide customer base across the globe, with contracts as far-afield as Panama, the Maldives, Borneo and Malawi.

The wide variety of treehouses, or in some cases truly magical structures, that have been built by Blue Forest is just phenomenal. The organisation’s vast skill set, vision and experience from building hundreds of tree houses means that the sky – or rather treetop – is the limit. From prefabricated treehouses, such as the innovative ecoPerch, to completely custom-built one-off retreats, Blue Forest is able to provide a turnkey solution which incorporates everything from architectural design and planning, to construction and commissioning.

The aforementioned ecoPerch – for example – is a truly versatile concept with the chic appearance and the household utilities of a modern ski chalet or cabin. It was designed to harmoniously integrate with its surroundings whether that be nestled at ground level, or perched amongst the treetops as it name suggests. The ecoPerch sleeps four and offers full living accommodations incorporating a modern kitchen, full bathroom facilities, thermostatically controlled heating, a log burning stove, wall-mounted flat screen TV and DVD, low voltage LED lighting, internal softwood doors, etc. The highly insulated and eco-friendly prefabricated unit can be installed in just five days and Blue Forest can even supply you with a completely off-the-grid version, would you wish so.  The concept of the ecoPerch ‘treehouse’ has recently been customised to create a stand-alone music studio for a well-known artist.

At the other end of the spectrum, Blue Forest have built what can be described as true fairytale forest retreats featuring towers, Gothic windows, quirky cedar shingles, rope bridges and slides leading to amazing adventure playgrounds.  These magnificent arborical structures will surely allow your little ones to live out their wildest Disney-inspired dreams while adults can also unleash their inner-child by whizzing down slides and conquering treetop ‘castles’.

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