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A Radiant Glow with Ambient Glow Technology

With so many alternative light solutions on the market, it’s hard to differentiate between them. This, however is not the problem for Ambient Glow Technology. AGT has managed to set themselves apart by offering glow in the dark technology for almost any lighting solution required.

AGT products would probably look just at home on the set of Hollywood science fiction movie as they would in a real world environment.

Ambient Glow Technology design and produce some of the most unique and environmentally sustainable photoluminescent aggregates and coatings in the world. AGT offers a range of glow in the dark products from Sands and rocks to epoxy kits.

With just 10 minutes of exposure to a light source, AGT products will illuminate for over 10 hours. Available in 4 different glowing colours, AGT products are an innovative way to reduce your electrical consumption.

With a life span of over 20 years, AGT allows you to transform almost any surface into an ambient light source that requires no electricity.

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