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Arkup, avant-garde life on water

Staying true to their motto, avant-garde life on the water, Arkup delivers one of the most unique yachting experiences you can get.

But Arkup is much more than a high-end yacht. It combines the best of floating houses, yachts, and waterfront villas. On top of that, this amazing vessel is completely environmentally friendly, self-sufficient, and sustainable.

The exclusive boat house allows you to easily dock in a calm bay or a metropolitan marina. What’s more, Arkup features hydraulic pilings which can be elevated to deliver house-like stability. The hydraulic pilings also provide extra protection from the waves.

There is no need to worry about safety with this floating home. Arkup is designed to be future-proof and avoid or withstand harsh weather conditions. Plus, it sports various independent systems that allow you to live completely off the grid.

When it comes to size, it can be easily compared to some luxurious homes. The livable area covers 4,350 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. What’s more, you get to customize the boat any way you deem fit.

From dimensions to interior design, Arkup can be tailored to completely reflect your particular style.

Arkup Livable Yacht Arkup Livable Yacht Arkup Livable Yacht Arkup Livable Yacht Arkup Livable Yacht Arkup Livable Yacht Arkup Livable Yacht

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