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Branching out with Baumraum Treehouse Designers

Having a rich and long history, treehouses can be traced as far back as the middle ages when Franciscan monks used basic rooms built in the trees as place to meditate in. During the 1500’s a treehouse was considered a ‘must have’ in Florentine gardens. From Royalty to heads of state, even the venerable Sir Winston Churchill had a treehouse built in lime tree at his Chartwell Manor home.

Featuring in books such as J.M. Barre’s ‘Peter Pan’ and J.D. Wysses’s ‘Swiss Family Robinson’, treehouses have captured the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. Conjuring images of adventure and freedom.

Known for planning and building awe inspiring dwellings for both adults and children, Baumraum are specialists when it comes to the design and construction of treehouses.

With a portfolio that includes both private clients as well as entire hotels, Baumraum are responsible for some of the most innovative and contemporary treehouse designs to date.

Not only do Baumraum consider safety and durability as being paramount, but they also ensure that the natural surroundings are handled with great care.

For adults a Baumraum treehouse is a peaceful haven in the trees where one can relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. Whilst for children they form part of the fantasy land that they enjoy playing in.

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