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Underwater aerobatics in a Deepflight Submarine

From Jules Verne’s Nautilus to the modern day nuclear powered submarines of the world’s Navies, submarines have captured the minds of adults and children alike. Since there first inception as far back as 1562, submarines have allowed humankind to explore to great depths the world they live in.

Innovative, state of the art, lightweight and comfortable cockpit with panoramic views. These are all words that are more commonly used to describe an aircraft or a land based vehicle.  Yet now they are found on the latest brochure from Deepflight submersibles.  Designed and engineered by the renowned engineer Graham Hawkes, Deepflight manufactures high performance submersibles.

As 70% of the world is covered with oceans, it’s no surprise humankind has the urge to explore the world below the surface. From the comfort and safety of the cockpit, adventure seekers can dive into this alien world without having to leave the planet.

Featuring terms such as ‘Hydrobatic’ which means to perform aerobatic style manoeuvres underwater and ‘glide gracefully’ as well as ‘breach the surface’. Deepflight submersibles sound more like a cross between supercar and a private jet than an underwater vehicle.

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