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The Retro Camper Caravan & Food Trailer

Created by retro camper van aficionados, Matt and Becky Clay, Dub Box definitely is the coolest and most stylish caravan for lovers of all things vintage. The Herefordshire couple were looking for a way to take their three children and family dog out on camping trips, while not having to compromise on the accustomed fun factor. Once the family had outgrown their beloved 40-year-old campervan, they found themselves struggling to find anything that would match their expectations and outdoors lifestyle, so they decided to build it themselves. Luckily Matt had over a decade’s experience in building luxury trailers for the events industry. Combined with Becky’s eye for producing chic retro designs this ultimately resulted in what has now become an iconic brand, based on vintage American caravans and another design icon on wheels, namely the VW Type 2.

Described as the Retro Camper Caravan, Dub Box is a two-berth practical caravan that comes with many original and reproduced retro parts such as handles, door catches, window seals, pop out windows, hinges, bumpers, road and number plate lights and even the ride height when towing a Dub Box with the much loved VW Type 2.

With a strong focus on customisation, the caravan can be finished in colour schemes and materials to match your car or van’s exterior and interior decor.

While the styling might have been inspired by the distant past, the Dub Box offers some cutting-edge trailer technology for safe and reliable use. The interior also reflects the marriage between vintage style, fun and modern day functionality.

When you are ready to leave your traditional white caravan behind and instead hit the roads with a uniquely crafted Dub Box you can choose between the Standard and Shortie versions.

Unlike the name would suggest, the Standard Dub Box is all but standard, it is the flagship in Matt and Becky’s range of caravans and one can easily understand why. Every single unit is lovingly handcrafted in Herefordshire and is uniquely customised for its new owners. While the glassfibre body shell can be matched to any retro or modern colour scheme of your choice, the range of options for the flooring, upholstery, blinds and laminates – for worktops and cupboards – allows for the interior designer in you to go wildly creative. Functionally, Dub Box offers everything you might wish for in a compact caravan such as a spacious dining area that easily seats four adults, a huge converted double bed, a custom kitchenette with plenty of storage and a retro-style fridge, a CD player with MP3 charger and dock, stereo speakers, 240V hook-up, 12V power distribution board, LED lighting, and so much more.

There are some optional extras available of which we would probably be most tempted by the hot-air heating system that – in combination with Dub Box’ top of class default insulation – will allow you to travel all year round.

The Tuck Box is yet another model that was developed but this time with the mobile outdoor food retail industry in mind. If you have a large garden and enjoy al fresco dining on a regular basis, then such a Tuck Box could nevertheless be a very trendy and rather unusual addition – to your outdoor furniture and Summer house – from where to serve succulent food to your guests during your numerous garden parties.

If you also feel the urge to take a Dub Box along stunning country roads or beautiful beaches, it would probably be best to place your order soon. Since appearing on BBC’s The Apprentice, Matt and Becky’s order book is filling up rather quickly. Dub Box however also have licensed production units in Australia and the United States, while having recently announced a distribution deal in Germany making this unique and ultimately cool retro camper caravan available to many outdoors lovers around the globe.


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