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Equinox Snowcoach, your carriage awaits

There is something magical about exploring a Winter wonderland, riding your snowmobile through vast expanses of snow-covered pine trees. The freezing winds however might occasionally spoil the fun a little and might certainly refrain you from inviting the kids along.

Luckily, Equinox Industries Ltd have come up with an innovative solution based on their four decades long experience in manufacturing fibreglass and thermoplastic products, namely the Snowcoach!

This ‘Frozen version’ of Cinderella’s carriage attaches to the back of your snowmobile with a limited rotational hitch and will transport your little ones in safety and comfort through icy landscapes.

The pod-shaped Snowcoach features a high performance gas shock suspension for clearing rugged snow terrain. Built from sturdy polyethylene it can carry two passengers, as long as the load doesn’t exceed 350 lbs (or just under 160 kg). Your Snowcoach will thus easily transport two children, an adult and a child or two ‘small’ adults.

To keep the passengers safe, seat belts, body reflectors and brake/running lights were added to the standard version of the Snowcoach.

As for the aesthetics, customers can choose from a variety of colours such as Black, Red, Yellow, Teal Green or Sandoz Blue.

Equinox also offers a range of options for the Snowcoach, such as a very handy storage rack, canvas cover, seat cushions, plastic ski skins or composite skis. Also available is an ATV (known as a quad or quad bike in other regions) Conversion Kit that transforms your snowmobile’s best friend into a summertime backcountry carriage, doubling up on the fun and usage.

This snow carriage is an excellent investment that strongly increases your snowmobile’s fun factor, usability and even productivity. Adding the ATV Conversion Kit gives the Snowcoach a new lease of life when the Summer months come knocking.

Just in case you would feel a little restricted by the capacity of the original Snowcoach, Equinox Industries have also developed the Snowcoach MPV which is the first large multiple passenger carrying sleigh on the market. It is ideal for large families, ski resorts, fishing lodges, or anywhere you need to transport a large group of people.

If passengers however want to feel the wind blowing through their hair and experience the elements in the same way that the snowmobile driver does, then the Open Snowcoach is just what you are looking for. Looking very much like a motorbike’s sidecar, the Open Snowcoach attaches to the back of your snowmobile using the aforementioned 1-piece limited rotational hitch while offering the same smooth ride as the other variants of the Snowcoach do.

So, whether you are looking for fun or functionality, Equinox Industries Ltd has managed to build a transport solution that truly extends the practical use of your snowmobile.

You can now bring out the Sven in you, while your little ones are singing ‘Let it go’ in the modern day version of Kristoff’s sleigh… however, probably best to not let go of the handlebars!


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