Hellgeth BV206 CDI - Off-Road

Hellgeth BV206 CDI

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Hellgeth BV206 CDI, the conquer

From the snow bound poles to the desert of the Middle East and the jungles of Africa, the BV206 has conquered them all.

Initially developed by Hägglunds in 1974 as an articulated all-terrain amphibious tracked carrier.   The BV206 was originally developed for the snow and bog lands of northern Sweden.  The first production models were delivered to the Swedish Army in 1980.

With an ability to carry one driver and up to sixteen passengers, six in the front compartment and eleven in the rear. Designed with a low ground pressure as well as the ability to float, the BV206 is capable of operating in wide range of environments.

Hellgeth offers a completely remanufactured, upgraded and fully customisable version of the infamous BV206. Bringing the BV206 to the forefront of modern mechanics, the Hellgeth BV206 CDI is fitted with a new turbo diesel Mercedes-Benz engine.   This is then linked to a Mercedes-Benz tiptronic automatic transmission.  With a host of options available from bespoke interiors to differential locks and any other features a client requires. A Hellgeth BV206 CDI keeps going where other wheeled vehicles stop.

Just because the trail ends doesn’t mean the adventure does.


Hellgeth BV206 CDI - Off-RoadHellgeth BV206 CDI - VehicleHellgeth BV206 CDI - Floating-AdventureHellgeth BV206-Conquer-VehicleHellgeth BV206 CDI - Adventure

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