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Adapting to the environment with Iguana Yachts

Like its namesake, the IG29 from Iguana yachts adapts to its surroundings, though not by changing its colour. The IG29 adapts to its surroundings by shape shifting or rather repurposing itself.  On water the IG29 is a high performance boat, but unlike many other boats, when it comes to land the IG29 adapts and becomes an amphibious.

Equipped with a unique design feature that makes the IG29 standout from the crowds are its twin rubber tracks. As a boat the twin track system is neatly tucked into the sides of the hull.  When the tracks are deployed, they simply extend out and down, turning the IG29 from watercraft to amphibious craft at the touch of a button.

Powering the IG29 on water is a three hundred horsepower outboard motor. Flat out, the nine metre, 8 passenger hull can reach speeds in excess of sixty kilometres per hour.  When the water runs low, simply deploy the tracks and keep going.  As a terrestrial vehicle the IG29 is powered by two litre, four cylinder engine that can move the IG29 over almost any terrain, with a maximum speed of seven kilometres per hour.

Available in three distinct models, Exclusive, Classic and Adventure. Each model gives the IG29 a unique character that will embody the owner’s individuality.

The IG29 from Iguana Yachts is high performance watercraft with off-road genes.


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