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Inflatable Church

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Love is in the air with the Inflatable Church

As Lord Swinton once said “we want the air to unite the peoples and not to divide them”. Well what can be a better way to unite people than in an inflatable church.

Designed and manufactured by Innovations Xtreme Inflatables, the inflatable outdoor church gives couples the opportunity have a church service in almost any location. A unique selling point for the single unit that is available for rent is that it has been blessed by the Catholic Church in Rome. This is so Catholic weddings can officially take place within it.

Replete with plastic stained-glass windows, an inflatable pulpit, organ and pews.  Even the front door façade is bordered with air filled angles.  Finishing off the detail is the intricate airbrushed artwork that replicates a traditional church.

Comprising of two separate inflatable structures; the house and the tower, both of which can assembled within two hours and disassembled in just one.

In 2004 the Guinness World Records recognised the Inflatable Church as being the largest of its kind.

Available to rent or to purchase, the inflatable church redefines the way a traditional Church wedding is conducted. The bride no longer needs to go to the church, the church can now come to the bride.

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