Equinox Snowcoach

Equinox Snowcoach - snow

There is something magical about exploring a Winter wonderland, riding your snowmobile through vast expanses of snow-covered pine trees. The freezing winds however might occasionally spoil the fun a little and might certainly refrain you from inviting the kids along. Luckily, Equinox Industries Ltd have come up with an innovative solution based on their four

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Ethos 30

Ethos 30 - Marine

The Ethos 30 is a nautical first.  Described as being a hybrid crossover, the Ethos 30 is designed with a main deck that can support a range of modular components. The components can transform this watercraft from an open deck layout to an enclosed cabin with a lounge area.   These components can also change

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Scrooser-Cruising on a Scrooser

According to a report from Wards Auto, the number of cars on the world’s roads exceeded one billion. Considering the first affordable car for the masses only went into production in 1908, this is staggeringly high figure. There are two by-products of the boom in the automotive industry, one of which follows the other. The first

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Inflatable Church

Inflatable Church-BlueSky

As Lord Swinton once said “we want the air to unite the peoples and not to divide them”. Well what can be a better way to unite people than in an inflatable church. Designed and manufactured by Innovations Xtreme Inflatables, the inflatable outdoor church gives couples the opportunity have a church

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Ambient Glow Technology

Ambient Glow Technology - UV-powered-surface-lights-pathways-at-night

With so many alternative light solutions on the market, it’s hard to differentiate between them. This, however is not the problem for Ambient Glow Technology. AGT has managed to set themselves apart by offering glow in the dark technology for almost any lighting solution required. AGT products would probably look just at home

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Invented in 2001 by Dean Kamen, the Segway has revolutionised the way the personal mobility vehicle is perceived. Derived from the word segue which means a smooth transition, which is exactly how a Segway operates, smoothly. Since its first inception over a decade ago, Segway has lead the market in electric personal transporters or PT’s as

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Sweat dreams with MetroNaps

Sweat dreams with MetroNaps A few years ago sleeping on the job was considered a career damaging move. Now companies across the globe are encouraging and allowing their employees the luxury of sleeping on the job.  This is due to shift in corporate thinking that a well-rested employee is more constructive employee. With the help of the Energypod from MetroNaps

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