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Be able to ride without a boat, wind or waves with the Radinn Wakejet Cruise

Imagine the total freedom of being able to board without the need for a boat or kite. Imagine being able to surf without needing waves. Instead of merely being a dream, this striving for nautical freedom kept Philip Werner up at night while he was studying at Lund University in Sweden.  Famous – or shall we say notorious – for organising large wakeboarding events and for being a professional rider himself, Philip made the move from the board to the boardroom by founding Radicall Innovations in 2012. He soon managed to surround himself with a great team of extreme sports enthusiasts who also happen to be engineers, entrepreneurs, industrialists and financiers.

With such an amazing team on-board, Radinn set itself the objective to produce a truly unique riding experience.  After bashing through numerous designs, engines, batteries, jets and boards, the team managed to create the totally amazing Wakejet Cruise.

The Wakejet Cruise incorporates a custom battery powered jet-propulsion system to drive the board using a wireless remote. This unique concept allows water sports enthusiasts, all over the world, to discover an entirely new dimension of riding possibilities. When you combine the agility and speed of wakeboarding with the freedom of (wind)surfing, riders can experience oceans, seas and lakes in an entirely new fashion. You might lose out on the actual wake – on which to do tricks – but your newly found freedom of movement opens up an entirely new perspective. Do you fancy riding your Wakejet Cruise up a rapid? Sure, why not!

When the Wakejet Cruise was introduced to the public at the Cannes Yachting Festival in 2014 it caused quite a stir. With its carbon fiber body, salt water resistant jet propulsion system, its easily swapped lithium battery pack and the wireless waterproof handheld remote, the Wakejet Cruise oozes ingenuity and uncompromising quality ‘Made in Sweden’.  It promises speeds of up to 29 mph (or 46 km/h), although the final commercial version will likely be able to go faster. A fully charged battery results in a runtime of up to 30 minutes at full speed, or up to 60 minutes at a more leisurely pace. The available fast charger gets the battery back to its full potential in 60 minutes, which implies that by purchasing an extra battery pack – or two – you can virtually just keep riding.

The Wakejet Cruise also features a geek pleasing on-board computer system, a GPS and it comes with iOS and Android apps.  A small detail we should not forget to mention is that the whole board, including its lithium battery, weighs only about 64 lb (29 kg) and is compact enough to fit in a car or boat.


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