Schiller X1

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Silence is golden on the Schiller X1 Water Bike

With estimated number of cyclists in the world being between two and four billion people. With all of these people riding on a third of the world’s surface area, it’s no wonder the Schiller X1 water bike was created.

Designed and engineered to bring the excitement of cycling to the open water. With an amalgamation of Schiller’s proprietary multi-speed drive train, twin propeller design and robust dual chamber pontoons, the X1 delivers an exhilarating and safe experience.

Engineered with a combination of aircraft grade steel and aluminium, a carbon drive belt system and a top of the range transmission that drives the twin oscillating propellers. Schiller spared no expense in creating the X1.

Due to its ingenious design, the X1 takes just ten minutes to both assemble and disassemble. Once disassembled the X1 is compact enough for easy transport and storage.

With a sleek design, the human powered X1 is a silent, green and sustainable personal watercraft.

As Schiller themselves state “the ride doesn’t end at the water’s edge”.

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