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Cruising on a Scrooser

According to a report from Wards Auto, the number of cars on the world’s roads exceeded one billion. Considering the first affordable car for the masses only went into production in 1908, this is staggeringly high figure.

There are two by-products of the boom in the automotive industry, one of which follows the other. The first being the scourge of humankind the world over, traffic. The second by default is pollution.

Thanks to the designers and engineers at Scrooser, these two quandaries need longer to be considered when choosing a form of transport or a personal mobility vehicle.

Enter the Scrooser, an innovative electric personal mobility vehicle for the environmentally minded user.

The Scrooser is a city scooter fitted with an impulse drive electric motor. The impulse drive automatically kicks in when user has kicked off the ground causing the Scrooser to do more than 2 miles per hour.  The impulse drive then pauses until the user has released another impulse (kick off the ground).

The Scrooser has a top speed of twenty five kilometres per hour and range of between thirty five to fifty five kilometres, depending on the mode used. Driven in Eco mode the Scrooser will last thirty days on a single charge.

The Scrooser is an awesome and environmentally friendly vehicle for an otherwise congested urban environment.

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