Seabreacher - Disguised as Jaws


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Is it a fighter jet, is it a shark? Nope, it’s a Seabreacher!

When you first see a Seabreacher – on dry land – you can’t help but feel that this watercraft must surely have been dreamt up by a bunch of testosterone fuelled teenagers. However, once you witness the cyborg marine mammal slide through, dive under and jump out of the water, you soon realise the technical prowess that is being displayed by a Seabreacher watercraft.

Founded in 1997 by Rob Innes and Dan Piazza, Innespace Productions have managed to create a dramatic breakthrough in recreational boating with the launch of their unique two-seat Seabreacher concept. Rob Innes, a boat builder in his native New Zealand with fifteen years experience in boat design and manufacturing, joined forces with Dan Piazza after moving to the US. Dan is a certified machinist, with over twenty years of hands-on experience in custom fabrication and engineering, who has worked extensively on performance vehicles including race boats, hot rods, and off road vehicles. [This highly skilled and experienced team of founders couldn’t be more remote from our initial spotty teenager assumption.]

Over ten years of meticulous engineering and extensive testing have resulted in what has now become a range of three distinctive models, all built to the most stringent safety requirements and all able to endure the relentless punishment of marine environments, while making sure that your adrenaline levels will spike from the off.

The Seabreacher X is one of the most advanced watercraft ever built by Innespace. It features the more aggressive shark style body, a 260 hp supercharged engine and a newly patented fully vectored thrust system that mimics the tail articulation of real aquatic animals like sharks and dolphins. The result is a watercraft that reaches speeds of in excess of 50 mph (80 km/h) on the surface and up to 25 mph (40 km/h) under water, while offering unequalled nimble manoeuvrability.

If you feel more inclined towards killer whale looks, then the Seabreacher Y should be your first port of call. It is similar in size to an actual killer whale and it incorporates many Orca inspired design features. While not compromising on the high performance capabilities of the X model, it offers passenger a panoramic view with its full acrylic canopy.

The latest Z model is the first Seabreacher with a fully retractable snorkel, which adds the capability of high speed 360 degree barrel rolls to Seabreachers’ aquabatic madness. Pilots – and passengers – looking for the most extreme watercraft on the market can rest assured that the Z model will not disappoint.

All Seabreachers are hand-built and allow their pilots to carve left and right, jump over, dive under, and cut through waves, while the aforementioned Z model adds 360 degree barrel rolls to the mix. The controls might initially look a little complex since you have to get to grips with the hand sticks and multi-directional pedals, but the high level of feedback means that the controls soon become very intuitive to use.

Seabreachers are positively buoyant and will always self-right, while the cockpit and engine bay are kept 100% watertight with the aid of inflatable aircraft seals. This also explains why this watercraft is described as being submersible and not as being as submarine. In order for the Seabreacher to dive, the main wings need to push the craft down like airplane wings in reverse, offsetting the buoyancy and holding your watercraft underwater.  Also, you can’t go ‘too deep’ with a Seabreacher since the engine’s air intake is supplied by a snorkel located on the dorsal fin. If you manage to push your mechanical sea mammal too far below the water surface then the air intake is shut off and your Seabreacher will automatically come back up for ‘a breather’.

If you decide to invest in a Seabreacher, then please rest assured that you will be the owner of a truly unique technical marvel since Innespace have never built two identical ones. The customisation options are just tremendous, ranging from any custom paint scheme to unique artwork created by their world class painters and airbrush artists. Customers can also tailor the interior by carefully choosing from hundreds of upholstery options and picking a matching dashboard layout which includes full instrumentation, LCD video display for the live camera feed, marine stereo system and iPod or iPhone dock.

Ready to splash out on a Seabreacher? If so, you will join ranks with the select group of previous buyers who range from crown princes to celebrities and boat enthusiasts.

Seabreacher - Flipping on its backSeabreacher - Underwater View from the CockpitSeabreacher - Shark Jumping Vertically Out of the WaterSeabreacher - Jumping Sailfish surprising YachtSeabreacher - Orange SeabreacherSeabreacher - Getting ReadySeabreacher - Pair of Seabreachers in the WaterSeabreacher - Colourful SailfishSeabreacher - Jump in Open WatersSeabreacher - Pair of Seabreachers Racing

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